X06: Cryptic to Develop Marvel MMO

In what is one the biggest deals of this coming console generation, Microsoft named Cryptic Studios, the creative force behind PC hit City of Heroes, the developer of its upcoming Marvel-based MMO game for Xbox 360 and PC

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BIadestarX5910d ago

It seems like the 360 will become the console of choice for MMOs. This shouldn't take anybody as a surprise. So far we know nothing about the Sony's or Nintendo's online network, if there is such thing.

Shin_Akakage5910d ago

City of Heroes is one of the better MMO's on the market. This has soooo much potential. Hopefully with MGS helping they either overhaul the engine..or build a new one that takes advantage of the experience Crytic gained with City of Heroes. I'm also hoping that players can use the marvel heroes...and that the characters move like they "should" (spidey's web-slinging animations should be like the ones in the Activision games, Each character or at least the major ones..have their on individual animations for walking, flying, fighting..etc). Having a great story is good and I'm happy to hear it. I hope they have a HUGE server for this allow much more than 16 players in a game...100+ like Huxley is rumored to have would we sweet. Not to mention the content that will be added via xbl. I could go on and on...bottomlike though...the POSSIBILITIES ARE TRULY ENDLESS!!