The War Z Rumored to be War Inc Mod

So, like a good little zombie geek, I've been tracking the development of The War Z, frankly because I can't help myself. I find myself helplessly drawn to their forums where I was directed to this little gem of an Imgur gallery. Which goes about displaying its (and I use the term laughingly) evidence. Don't worry, if you can't be bothered to go look at the gallery yourself, I'll happily bring these nuggets right to you.

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dead_eye2353d ago

So it is a mod then. That's what I take from this article.
And it doesn't seem to be DayZ.

Adexus2353d ago

That's what you took from it? The article stated multiple times that it isn't a mod, it is simply using the engine they created for War Inc so there are similar objects used and the developers have stated that they will use some of the characters from War Inc.

dead_eye2352d ago

And I repeat sounds like a mod.

KreepyKritter2353d ago

I'm going to echo Aeon.
I'll admit it's rushed to market, which is why so many models and skins look the same. Sure, if they poured another 6-12 months into it, it'd look more unique, but to what end? Why spend 12 months on lipstick and mascara?

Skate-AK2353d ago

There is no reason for a rushed game no matter the platform.

dead_eye2352d ago

So mod or cheap cash-in on DayZ success.