Spy Hunter gameplay debut trailer

Warner Bros. released the first gameplay trailer for Spy Hunter.

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Sanquine903565d ago

suprise... Vita gets the 3Ds port;P

PersonaCat3565d ago

LMAO, how foolish of me to think it would be a good looking game. I instantly thought of the PS2 version and got excited. Thanks WB for giving me that reality check. This better not show up at Gamescom lol

spongeboob3565d ago

I was excited until i saw this video.

Sanquine903565d ago

Yeah i love gameplay but this looks like a ps1 game ( which i love)

Hisiru3565d ago

Everyone talking about TEEEHHH GRAAAFFIIIX.

but the game looks fun. I don't know yet if I will buy it, but looks fun so far.

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