Three New Ninja Gaiden 2 Clips

New Ninja Gaiden 2 clips from IGN.

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INehalemEXI4821d ago (Edited 4821d ago )

Awesome!Staff with maces. Total Bad a**.

Rice4821d ago

its more than awesome, its a visual orgasm... I hope my friend gets this game so badly...

dachiefsman4821d ago

wow I totally agree...

hmm...lets make a bow with huge ball and spikes on the end....

to bad body parts didn't stick to he would have to use his foot to pry them off....<sick i know>

Homicide4821d ago

This game will be great, and it's the reason why I'm picking up a 360.

Rice4821d ago

im getting a 360 too except im getting it for Halo 3, Bioshock and the new gears of war.

sonarus4821d ago

this game as of right now is the only reason i havnt sold my 360. not interested in gears of war 2 at least not till i see it lol then i'll add that no other exclusive game is of intrest. ironically i never played gaiden till i played sigma on ps3 and here i am anticipating sequel on the 360. bioshock was a great game though wouldnt buy a 360 for it now but definetly a must play game. you should try out mass effect too

TwissT4821d ago

This IS GORE, playing NGS the gore factor was SOFT and after seeing these 3 clips this is making me anxious for this game.

Rice4821d ago

Ha, that made me laugh.... nice man.. bubbles 4 u!

BloodySinner4821d ago

Could this not come any sooner?!

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The story is too old to be commented.