Devil May Cry 4 Impressions for the 360 and PS3 from Aeropause

Three of the writers at Aeropause downloaded the demo for Devil May Cry 4 on the 360 and the PS3. While Paul and James felt that the game was good, but seemingly more of the same, Joe was a little more impressed with it due to only playing Devil May Cry 3 on the PC.

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Shaka2K64372d ago

After playing the master piece that is Heavenly Sword,
i cant say im impressed with this graphics, the game is obviously being downgraded to the x360 weak last gen. hardware which sucks.

Alcaponeyou4372d ago

didn't capcom use an old engine?
the environment looked good but the character model was blurry and nothing compared to uncharted

lukewind4372d ago

You called Heavenly Sword A Masterpiece. I guess we know right then and there how dumb you really are huh!

gamesR4fun4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

Heavenly sword did push the boundries a lot harder than this new version of dmc
Would of been nice to see it really go next gen but fact is its not a big step up from the ps2 version. Not a big surprise tho given that Capcon has been sucking large for a while now.

Same sorta canned animations a almost totally static world and all to liniar path... I mean putting a game out at 720p doesnt make it next gen imo. If you havnt already try HS first or Uncharted both are good examples of what a real next gen title should be.

ohhthegore4372d ago

I don't think I've ever played an "action" game on the PC, I can't imagine playing this with a keyboard and mouse. Now with First person shooters its a different story...

HydroBoy4372d ago

most multi plat games are downgraded to run on poo60 so i wasnt really expectin dmc4 to be all that since there was a 360 version made.Heavenly Sword was amazing , uncharted was even greater..DmC 4 (?)

jackdoe4372d ago

I played the demo today. It is more of the same, but I do like Nero's grab. One major complaint I had with the past DMCs was hitting your enemy out of your sword's reach and screwing up a combo.

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