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GamesRadar - Open-world games are marvels of modern technology and, as such, they usually have issues that are often condoned in favor of the bigger picture. Simplistic melee, sloppy gunplay, or loose driving can be ignored if everything else is strong. Sleeping Dogs makes no such concessions. It attempts to top the rest by borrowing from the best in the genre, taking cues from many recent open-world games - from Arkham City to Just Cause 2 - to make for an extremely sexy Frankenstein’s Monster of a game.

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mafiahajeri3082d ago

Getting this instead of dark ideas ( yes ok I pad "dark ideas") :/

Spydiggity3082d ago

UPS should have it at my front door by 3pm. pretty stoked. even took some days off work for it.

simonrope3082d ago

So overrated. Ive been playing it all morning, really overrated. 6-7/10 at best..