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Even cops can have criminal fun in Hong Kong.

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hiptanaka3084d ago

Well, color IGN impressed.

HebrewHammer3084d ago

Scores, shmores!

Color me excite!

GuruStarr783083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

I picked it up from Redbox here in Chicago this morning.. it's pretty good, so far... not sure what I'd give it, but 8.5 sounds about right... so far..

the story seems good and the combat is pretty smooth and is all hand to hand, from what I've seen thus far...

I think it's a good rental, overall.. kinda glad I didn't buy it, but we'll see... I heard the story is about 12 hours.

morganfell3083d ago

Just started my first branch mission. If these continue then this game will be far more than 12 hours.

MadMax3083d ago

I heard the game is 25 to 30 hrs and dont worry, there are weapons in the game. You can use alot of the environments to brutalize your victims. Havent popped it in yet, been playing too much Darksiders 2!

SupaPlaya3083d ago

Just played this over at my friend's place, and we had a blast playing it. I for one agree with the score with what I've seen so far (around 8-9).

Our impression is that the game is very much Batman (melee) X GTA. And in a good way. If you liked GTA and Red Dead Redemption, you will not be disappointed with this game.

What I loved about the game though is:

1) the authentic profanity found in the game. Each time we hear the characters spit out *$#! in Cantonese we burst out laughing. It is very hardcore, and is something I see myself saying when someone would got it my way. It's not like most movies where you would hear the main character speak in another language when in reality it's just gibberish. The dialog in both English and Cantonese are really well done.

2) The City. While not a real map of the City and only contained 4 regions from the Hong Kong Island, I can tell you that a lot of the places in the game are like Deja Vu.

Hola From HK

Nocturne1473084d ago

If IGN gives 8.5/10, this game is FREAKIN AWESOME !

Megaton3084d ago

Could be awesome, and I personally want the game, but you shouldn't put so much weight into what IGN thinks.

kingdavid3084d ago

What? THey way too often jump the gun on their reviews.

Nocturne1473084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Yea ? Then and too then Genius ?

Edit: Ow yea.. Blast Magazine gives very high score too.

kingdavid3083d ago

Not the point noobenstein.

nix3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

they gave 10/10 to GTAIV and look how it turned out.

follow your heart.

Nocturne1473084d ago

But GTA IV was great game, only problem was performance issues on PC, terrible port.

Omnislash3084d ago

I personally disagree with that score, I couldnt even finish GTAIV I thought it was kinda subpar compared to San Andreas...

Anyway 8.5 is a really good score. I actually look forward to this game...

Psychotica3083d ago

Yeah, turned out awesome. I have put more time in that game than anything else this gen.

ThanatosDMC3083d ago

It's mostly people who havent played San Andreas first that think GTA4 was awesome. Niko couldnt even go on a killing spree, change, have better weapon handling, fully customize vehicles, etc.

DA_SHREDDER3083d ago

GTA4 came out so many years ago and it's so good you compared Sleeping Dogs to it. Ha!

JamieL3083d ago

@ ThanatosDMC
True, but the tech behind GTAIV put it so far above San Andreas it not funny. GTAIV was an amazing game, and still is. I had the problems with San Andreas everyone seems to say GTAIV has. San Andreas wasn't focused enough, I hated having to eat, and work out and all that other filler shit, everyone seemed to love. I also don't think it's a fair comparison, compare it to GTA 3, then we can compare the last GTA of this gen to San Andreas. Gamers these days are hard to impress if they can't see the pure talent and strait up magic in GTAIV. The only game I've seen close technically is Red Dead, and that’s the same tech. Name one game as alive and responsive as GTAIV.

lonesoul653083d ago

YEA...but GTA on the PC is by far the best version...had initial issues but that was due more to social club than anything else

ThanatosDMC3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )


Actually, you dont have to eat or workout. Eating and working out just makes your character buff or get fat. Those are all optional.

The tech is nothing without gameplay and fun. GTA4 missions werent unique. It was always the same thing.

Also, it was focused. I dont know what you're talking about.

JamieL3082d ago

@ ThanatosDMC
That’s the thing, I thought the game play was/is fun. especially after the 2 DLC's. Oh, and yes you did have to eat, and if ya'll can talk about how annoying it was getting those side phone calls was in GTA IV, then I can state how pointless working out was in SA. I know everyone won't have the same opinion about a game, but I also feel it's just "the trend" on N4G to hate on GTA IV. I also believe it deserved every 10 it got, those folks at Rockstar are amazing.

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Awesome_Gamer3083d ago

Sounds about right... 8/10 for me but still close.

Blackpool3083d ago

No one reads the reviews anymore...

WeskerChildReborned3083d ago

If you mean since IGN is basically hard to please and usually would give bad reviews to a good or decent game then yea i bet it would be awesome.

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pr0digyZA3084d ago

Wow was looking forward to it, but was expecting it to be because of the gameplay and missions. Glad to see ign loved the story instead, which was something I didn't have high hopes for especially considering its an open world game.

Also heard it has an amazing PC port which makes me believe devs care about their fan-base.

Godchild10203084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I just completed Sleeping Dogs and I love Wei Shen (main character), the story is great and keeps you playing. United Front Games did one hell of a job. I had one problem and that was with the audio sync for the weapons, they were off by a few seconds.

The story is compelling, they took a piece from GTA IV, but instead of having it at the end they put it in the middle, but still had the ending worth achieving. Some vehicles control better than others, and theres not too much fighting that over shadows the gunplay. The game is a 8.5/9 at best.

The Story IMO is the best part of the game.

Puddlejumper753084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

The game is a 8.5/9 at best.

You say that like it is a bad thing. I know you don't mean it that way, it's just the way it comes off.

Too many people today think if it isnt a 9.5 or better then its a bad game.

Godchild10203084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I understand what you mean. Most times you would see 'at best' when it's a low score. The game is great and enjoying for those looking for a story driven title.

showtimefolks3084d ago

good to know since gameinformer review said the story was pretty average. In a game like this it needs to have atleasta decent story. That's one thing i hated about saints row the 3rd it had a pretty average story

can't wait to try this out, but now at launch once i finish darksiders 2 than it gonna be sleeping dogs. SE also said they have a lot of dlc content planned for next 6 months and with borderlands 2 being around the corner i may even wait for sleeping dogs:GOTY edition

first1NFANTRY3084d ago

For some reason the impression i got from this review was subliminal bias.

Something tells me IGN being an American gaming website, are saving a higher score for GTA5 even tho Sleeping Dogs is a fantastic game.

humbleopinion3084d ago

Yeah, they must save the high scores for GTA V because god forbid if they give two different games which are about a year apart a 9.0+ score! They obviously have a very limited score resource allocation (probably because of the recession) and so they're now saving up for a game that isn't even out.

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