X06 Live Webcast Now Playing

Microsoft will kick off X06 with a press conference. Expect some big Xbox 360 announcements so don’t miss this webcast now playing live from Barcelona.

Click here to view the live webcast in High Quality

Click here to view the live webcast in Low Quality

If you are unable to watch the live webcast you can click here for a live report from Eurogamer.

m236276d ago

who's watching this could you tell me how banjo looked? i ran out of comments on the other page

General6276d ago

Noooo!! I cant view it! To many people trying to view it at the same time I guess :( NOT FAIR!

Antan6276d ago

Some big stuff already, and only 15 mins in or so !!!! That is a major coup, the next Splinter Cell!!, should rack up sales in the US especially !! Sony more than ever have really REALLY got their work cut out to make inroads agains 360!

Hayabusa 1176276d ago

I can't access XBox.com! This sucks! I'm getting a PS3!