The Darkness X06 Trailer

Based on the best-selling Top Cow comic book, The Darkness casts players as Jackie Estacado, a fearless Mafia hitman for the Franchetti crime family who is suddenly possessed by the terrifying and spectacular powers of The Darkness. Throughout the game, players must learn to control and harness The Darkness power in order to overthrow the vicious mob boss and fulfill their destiny.

The Darkness features a seamless and unique blend of modern crime drama and supernatural horror through first and third-person, non-linear gameplay. Utilizing the Starbreeze engine for next generation consoles, The Darkness features single and online multi-player action across highly realistic environments.

Payback is a you know what as we see in the latest trailer for Eidos's The Darkness from X06.

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Donkey Slayer6276d ago

I'll probably grab the PS3 version with all the extra content.

ElementX6276d ago (Edited 6276d ago )

Extra content consists of full length crappy old horror movies, popeye cartoons, and other stuff which you can view on TVs throughout the game. Big deal.

kmis876276d ago

If they put Nosferatu on as extra content I'd go crazy. That movie is definitely the best vampire movie ever. Shouldn't be hard because no one owns the rights to it.

Donkey Slayer6276d ago

It does have Nosferatu :)

From the developer:

"Magnus Högdahl: The PS3 will have a content size advantage with Blu-ray and a CPU advantage for titles that are able to utilize a lot of the SPUs. The Xbox 360 has a slight GPU advantage and its general purpose triple-core CPU is relatively easy to utilize compared to SPUs. I expect that it will be near impossible to tell Xbox 360 and PS3 screenshots apart."


"On a related note, 2K also anticipates that the final version will run at 30fps in-game and 60 frames during cutscenes, with no noticeable performance differences between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
Speaking of the PlayStation 3, 2K was very forthcoming during our demo when it came to discussing the benefits of the new system and how it would affect The Darkness. Because of the Blu-ray format, for example, Starbreeze plans to include additional videos that exploit the "television watching" feature which currently consists of the classic "Nosferatu" vampire silent film (in its entirety) and five 30-minute Popeye cartoons. The publisher isn't sure what the PS3-exclusive videos will be just yet, but we suggested an episode of Top Cow's old Witchblade TV series -- not because we think every game should have a moment of pure and total horridness, but because we think it would be funny. Send your damnation letters now.

Additionally, Starbreeze is also looking into taking advantage of the PS3's tilt controller and is considering some possible changes with another feature we can't talk about yet. Xbox 360 fans shouldn't worry about feeling left out with all this talk about PS3 exclusives, though, as other than what's mentioned above, the game should be damn-near identical in every way.

ElementX6275d ago

I've never seen Nosferatu. Anyway, I don't want to watch a movie while I'm playing a game. I play a game for the gameplay. Maybe i'll rent Nosferatu sometime. :)

Islandkiwi6276d ago

And although it didn't show gameplay, the trailer was enough to get me more than a littl einterested in this game. Can't wait to see more.

Anerythristic266275d ago

I heard that that's the extra content. When you see a TV in the game you can sit down and watch movie clips and cartoons. Not swayed.

USMChardcharger6275d ago

in xbox offical magazine it says that tv crap will be in both versions.

so it being only on PS3 is news for me and a change from what they said before.

it is some kind of compression tech they came out with that will require little space...so i don't know what you guys are talking about that it will require blue-ray?


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