Will 2008 Boom or Bust?

We all know that the gaming industry grew a staggering 43% in 2007. So will we see similar growth in 2008? If not, then why? Here's a quick look at the potential of 2008 to either boom or bust.

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Spike474380d ago

Only super smash bros and star wars are the only games to look forward to in 2008 for the wii.

NIntendo should be making deals with devs right now instead of just collecting and counting their money.

If i Was a wii owner I would be seriously mad

AnthonyPerez4380d ago

Nintendo has talked about the third party support on the Wii being low, but they also said such a problem occurred when the DS first hit.

Does that mean exact correlations can be made and people could brush aside the fact in hopes that third parties will catch on? Third parties have been trying to publish on the Wii, the only problem is that nearly everything they publish with the exception of Zack and Wiki has been either mediocre or downright bad.

Then again the same thing happened with the DS. If the market is there, as it appears to be with the Wii, then developers and publishers will adapt.

One serious immediate issue is the threat of the Xbox 360. Wii has positioned itself as a casual, fun system. The problem is casuals don't buy software as often. Meanwhile the 360 has an attach rate of nearly 7 games per console while also offering the Xbox Live Arcade experience which is similar to the Wii's (quick, fun gaming that's easily accessible).

I like the Wii, but there is no doubt it's not going to be exactly smooth sailing. The Xbox 360, if it makes the correct moves - some innovative marketing, play up XBL and XBL Arcade to the mainstream, and perhaps even incorporate some Blu-ray love - could make some big moves and take 1st place. Nintendo won't let that happen without a hell of a fight, though.

This will be the best console war ever.

d3l33t4380d ago

A lot of Wii developers are pissed at Nintendo for the (lack of) control scheme. The innovative controls are good for casual gaming, but falls short after that.

mikeslemonade4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

It will boom because the Wii and PS3 have not hit there prime yet. This will be first year for Wii and PS3 where developers have gotten use to the system. Blu-ray no longer is sucking so much money now that it will become the standard. The hardware for any of the three systems are no longer being sold at a lost and so the companies can drop price when they see fit.

4380d ago
Alcaponeyou4380d ago

The wii is a joke when it comes to true gaming. I'll give credit to SSBB though.
Only the PS3 and 360 allows real gaming to take place.

Shaka2K64380d ago

Blu-ray also wins.
PSP also wins.
PS2 also wins.

Sony wins.

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The story is too old to be commented.