10 Reasons Wii Ware Will Be Great

At some point this year Nintendo will finally release it's own downloadable game platform called WiiWare. With the success of the Xbox Live Arcade, growth of casual gaming (see alternative source), and the inherent casual nature of the Wii as a gaming console, WiiWare seems to be the perfect fit.

In case you're a bit wary, however, here's a rundown of why WiiWare will be great.

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-EvoAnubis-4382d ago

I don't know about this one, my fellow gamers. it's an interesting idea, but with the storage of the Wii being so limited, how would someone build a library of DL games? What's the plan here? SD cards?

I suppose time will tell . . . I've been wrong before, and I have been known to lie.

djt234382d ago

you know you could delete it and download it again with out no changer

-EvoAnubis-4382d ago

But why the hell would you want to do that? That's not very convenient. So what are you supposed to do? only have like 10 games at one time? I have more games than that in just one folder on my PS3.

PS360WII4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

Ugh I'm not fond of the just delete it mentality. I do that now with just VC games. At first it was okay but I filled up my channels fast and I had to delete and rotate for awhile. Just the other day when I popped in Endless Ocean and was told that there is not enough free space in the system memory. That's right I had to just delete some games on the main menu so I could save a game. Internal memory it has is hardly enough in my opinion. I bought a 2G SD card when I got the system not knowing and I did save the VC games onto it before I deleted them so if Nintendo could get their games to run off the SD card that would perfect.

Lord_Ash4382d ago

Yeah I was thinking about the storage too, I don't like deleting games I payed for, 10 games of 40 Mb is 400 Mb and thats almost a full Wii storage space.

PS360WII4382d ago

I'm looking forward to Wii Ware for sure. Square Enix is already having a game out on it and there will probably be a lot of indie devs and a lot of odd type games which will be fun. :)

bootsielon4382d ago

"Games aren't limited to 40MB"

OMG that's so cool /sarcasm

That's not a reason for it to be cool, that's a reason for it not sucking. He says there will be epic games on WiiWare... gimme a break. That'll never happen, as the wii's 512MB limit won't allow. I bet most of the Wii Ware games will be mini-games, even with Square on its side.

M_Prime4382d ago

I beg to differ my good sir..

reasons is that they are probably going to go a new direction. I mean we got The Final Fantasy as you already know but so what? then you look it up and you got stuff like DR MARIO. Now personally you wonder why its not on the VC and this gives them the ability to modernize VC games and add stuff like WIFI (as in the case of DR MARIO) and upgraded graphics. Also this allows for new stuff that will most likely sell like mad such as POKEMON FARM.

Now those are the ones we have already confirmed. And non of them sound like MINIGAME fests. Now we will have to wait and see to get the verdict straight but i doubt it will be all mini-games.

thats my 2 cents

ItsDubC4381d ago

Size has nothing to do w/ whether a game is epic or not.

M_Prime4382d ago

yeah i'm worried about the STORAGE space as well but at least they are linked to the console so they are technically 'yours' forever unless you UNLINK your account and that would suck. I'm sure they could run stuff off the SD card if they wanted to. I mean a firmware update could add a button by the clock or something that lets you view channels you have saved on your SD card. Also considering that SMASH BROS BRAWL allows you to save stuff (pictures) to the SD card means that there could be hope for this yet. Hell maybe devs will let us save game that require a ton of space straight to the SD and load from the SD card even. I mean ELEBITS takes up a lot of room once you start creating your own levels, and i would like to save that area on my wii and just save straight to the SD card (i got 1GB card for 10bux when the wii came out, on sale)

Hell they could make a EXTERNAL harddrive if they wanted, but then we would be technically going to the XBOX formula. I mean with XBOX all devs have to assume you have no harddrive at all, and those that do can use Live to its full extent, those that done, well they can't. So if the option was there i prolly woulda bout the harddive on impulse, but as of right now i still have a couple thousand free blocks on my WII.

ALSO sorry for the rant, but i wanna play that FF:CC:TYK&TPL on wii-ware. I really didn't like FF:CC on the gamecube cause to play with my friends we needed so much harddware, but i may even pick it up on the WII and definitly pick up the WIIWARE since it looks real interesting. I just hope its not 20bux..

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