PlayStation Store Preview – August 14th, 2012

PSLS: This week’s highlight is Papo & Yo, a story about a young boy and his relationship with his trip-inducing frog-addicted pink Rhinoceros, which represents the developer’s touchy relationship with his father and his battle with alcoholism and drug addiction. That’s deep. Or, go deep past the 50-yard line for a Hail Mary with the Madden NFL 13 demo that is out this week for both the PS3 and PlayStation Vita (yay!).

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Sev3873d ago

I'm still playing Sound Shapes :)

Neo Nugget3873d ago

I freakin' love this game. As someone who didn't look at a single video before buying it, I'm pleasantly surprised! :D

doctorstrange3873d ago

Finally coming to Europe this week

mastemikegee3873d ago

Where are the good levels though? I mean I know there are some but most of them are just 'theme songs' or 1 screen levels. They get over 1000 plays and over 200 likes too! Really? C'mon.

I want some cool levels made by people. And before you assume anything, I'm making my second one.

knifefight3872d ago

I really hope these cool indy games get the attention they deserve.

TENTONGUN3872d ago

beat sound shapes and still lovin it. bring on madden vita,, im fkn pumped, one of the reasons i bought it was for quick football games. money well spent

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mafiahajeri3873d ago

Interested to see how Madden NFL 13 plays on the vita even though I havent bought an American football game in my life!

BelieveinGhosts3873d ago

so tell us, is it any good?

mafiahajeri3872d ago

It's not out yet also go try it yourself when it's out TOMOROW! :D

Sokol3873d ago

I believe CS:GO is on pre-order bonus this week? nothing is mentioned on it however.

GuruStarr783873d ago

It'll probably be like the one we got for soundshapes, a screen for your xmb on your ps3....

I'm looking forward to seeing how well ea did on madden for the Vita...

r213873d ago

yes papo & yo is coming out but dang it, short on cash. the demo will have to do till then :D

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The story is too old to be commented.