How Mirror's Edge gave legs (and more) to Battlefield 3


The dextrous legs of Mirror's Edge heroine Faith helped to shape the movement of characters in Battlefield 3, EA DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson said in a speech today during GDC Europe. No, you don't spend too much time parkouring around the war torn arenas of Battlefield 3, but various animations – Faith vaulting over obstacles, for instance – directly shaped the way BF3's soldiers interacted with their environment.

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tigertron3321d ago

Great, now DICE, use what you've learnt and make ME2.

Gazondaily3320d ago

To be honest, I was expecting better implementation of the first person perspective than I did in Battlefield 3. The only real animation is the exact same one that's recycled over and over again when you vault over obstacles.

DICE should have been braver in my opinion and really gone for a more comprehensive set of animations; for example a close call with an explosion knocking you back or down, ejecting from vehicles etc.

ab5olut10n3320d ago

I'll be genuinely surprised if they make Mirror's Edge 2