5 Games That Won’t Stop Appearing in the News

Charlie writes:

"As somebody who has written news myself, I can understand why people would want to know about upcoming features in games. But if there’s one thing I have realized is how people make such a big deal out of such small news. I mean most of the time, do people actually care? In some instances yes, but mostly: not really. The games listed here are just a few games that just won’t stay out of the gaming news; why? Because people make such a big deal out of it."

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jeeves862259d ago

As far as Resident Evil games go, none of the games from 4 on are your traditional Resident Evil games. The point being? The series has evolved. That doesn't mean people shouldn't be excited about the next one.

Treian2259d ago

the series has devolved. all it is a generic third person shooter.

WitWolfy2259d ago

More like a generic TURD person shooter...

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aliengmr2259d ago

So the answer to useless news articles is an article about useless news articles?

MrAnderson2259d ago

They won't stop appearing in the news, so you thought you'd make a NEWS article about them, which is in itself, putting them in the news more.

I'm sorry, but is the article writer completly mentally retarded?

Kran2259d ago

Actually it's an opinion piece. WHO KNEW?

MrAnderson2257d ago

Oh so you're the dumbass who wrote it, GG making yourself look like an inbred moron who contradicts himself in the TITLE.

Now away with you, i've no time for those with feeble brains.

RickHiggity2259d ago

It's an opinion piece written by someone who can't or doesn't want to enjoy things many other people enjoy. His problem, not ours.

Kran2259d ago

Actually I enjoy a lot of things.

Just bugs me when people talk and talk and talk and talk over such small things and so much pathetic speculation.

I mean I hate those GTA articles where people are like: OH IT'LL BE THIS DATE!!!!

And then another article comes along saying: It'll be this date

Then comments are like:


Kran2257d ago

Says the person coming on my article to rage about my article making little to know impact.

Thought you said you had no time :)

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