Reality of violence hits Wicomico residents

Poor Wicomico County in Maryland has a gang problem. There are "500 known gang members" currently in the county and it has the highest violent crime rate per capita in the state behind the city of Baltimore. What are county leaders to do but blame violent rap lyrics and video games?

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kingme714382d ago

After work a bunch of my fellow 30 somethings go down to Starbucks, loosen our tie and start the beat down on anyone with a badge or loose morals. Hey, if they can do it in GTA why can't we?

Games, music, movies are all easy scapegoats for societies violence problems. I'm sure if they all dried up, so would crime.

Let's start first and foremost with the parents and how they raise their kids, then go down the list.

Brixxer6004382d ago

Of course Neanderthal men never fought with anyone, killed anyone for some food or clothes did they ?

Guess it must have been all of those violent cave paintings that drove them to it, unless of course they were playing GTA all those years ago.

Eromu4382d ago

Lol a gang called the "Fruitland Boys" really strikes fear into it's enemies. What are they going to do pelt people with oranges or shank someone with a banana?

thisguywithhair4381d ago

What video game did Al Capone get his violent inspirations from? How about Ted Bundy? Son of Sam has an excuse though, his neighbors dog read allot of violent books.

trumayhem4381d ago

Tv, movies, games etc... reflect culture. Culture does not reflect tv, movies, games etc...

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