700MHz Auction: Bids near $8.7B after a dozen rounds

RCR Wireless News reports that the FCC could hit their goal of $10 billion in 700Mhz auction bids by sometime today. Bidding for the highly desirable "C block" spectrum has hit $3.8 billion, or 83% of the FCC reserve price of $4.6 billion. That's important, given the fact that if the FCC didn't see the kind of money they were hoping for, they'd likely auction off the spectrum a second time without the open access conditions (for what they're worth) attached. Rules require bidders remain anonymous, so it's still too early to tell if incumbents AT&T & Verizon, Google, or some other entity are leading the C Block push, though yesterday's Spring/Clearwire/Google news could make things interesting.

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OC_MurphysLaw4381d ago

Ok, so this is a very interesting peice of news. On one hand I am a bit excited about this helping to open up high speed internet as I do believe that is what it could be used for and really help get the U.S. up to par on our internet speeds.

but then I started to think...what are the antenna requirements going to be for this? I honestly am a total noob to this kind of tech so dont kill me for sounding ignorant. But if we currently have to use big old antennas on our houses to pull in this signal to TV currently. So would we need the same tech for computers to pull in that signal? I guess I am just not fully understanding how they are planning to use this space.

v1c1ous4381d ago

will use it how they please.

i am hoping the coalition of google/microsoft/other companies who plan to use it to distribute broadband access to rural and out ot place areas happens.

god knows if ATT or Comcast gets it, we're as good as sunk.