Top developers slam PS3 "broken" allegations

Senior developers working on PlayStation 3 titles have told that reports of serious problems with the system's Cell and RSX hardware are "misleading and uninformed."

It's just a pointless measurement," one programmer told them. "Where's the context? How were these numbers measured? There are loads of different ways you can measure tri performance, and just putting up headline figures like that tells you nothing."

"In fact, the PlayStation 2 had better tri performance than the Xbox, on paper," he continued. "Everyone knows that the Xbox was more powerful at running real games, but if you just wanted to fill a screen with 2D, flat colour, unlit triangles, then the PS2 was much better at that, so it looked great in benchmarks. That just shows how meaningless this measurement is - it's really pointless."

However, particular scorn was heaped upon the claim that the Cell is being "hobbled" by slow memory access - based on a Devstation slide which shows Cell having only 16Mb/s read access to "Local Memory", compared to the 10-25Gb/s access figures for other component and memory types in the PS3.

"They've got the wrong end of the stick grasped firmly in both hands," said another source regarding this claim. "I'm not even sure if they're holding the right stick."

"I didn't see that slide at Devstation, but all the numbers add up," one coder said, "and it's a total non-issue. You never, ever need to access that memory from the Cell - I can think of some useful debugging things you might do with that access in the testing stage, but that's about it. In fact, on the PS2 you couldn't access that memory from the CPU at all, and it was never really a problem!"

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THE TRUTH6386d ago (Edited 6386d ago )

Sony fans there's your answer from a developer not some non-imformed sony basher. The inquirer is the worst place to get news and the next person who post some of their news here should be banned.

No way the cell or gpu is broken and these developers would keep going about making games on it. They would lose way too much money and that's the truth

hardwood20016386d ago

I'm sorry but how do we know if any of those so called "Top Developers" are even developing for any other system out there? Those so called "Top Developers" could just be sony first party developers... By the way Rob Fahey for is a sony fanboy through and through, so he could have just made the whole "interview" in his head and blame "sources declined to be name" on the whole "NDA" thing.

Joe6385d ago

Why isn't Sony making a statement about this??? I don't believe what the developers are saying because they are not willing to give up their names because of NDA??? Oh please... If the developers don't want to mention their names, then where is SONY at??? If the numbers isn't an issue, then SONY should make a statement!!! Otherwise, I believe that this is still a performance problem.


Scythesean6386d ago

If you are nothing more the a 360 fan boy please quit viewing our topics. You have voted on just about every PS3 topic and if it's good news you put down on it, and if it's bad news you praise it. You are what made the previous site have so many problems. This is good news for the PS3 it proves that this was all just pointless information that someone tried to leak out and make Sony look bad. I'm glad this information was shown to be nothing important.

PAUL CERULA you need to really quit acting like a spoiled 360 fanboy and you can't stand the fact that the PS3 is doing an awesome job and will bring true next-gen gameplay. PS3 is #1

Marriot VP6386d ago (Edited 6386d ago )

I only voted one to be lame. And the untold legends one to be cool, and PS3 pricing in danger. The reason I called this article lame was because their anonymous sources denying an anonymous rumor. That's all, it doesn't mean much of anything to me...therefore I voted. I voted for the pricing in danger because it's way too expensive for me and a lot of people I know. I don't like it so therefore I want them to cut the price if it doesn't do so well. I voted. It's really harmless trust me, I'm not a fanboy I've had my share on all platforms with the ps2 and xbox 1. And you say PS3 is #1, and throw around the word fanboy.

Optimus Prime6386d ago

how the **** can you say that the ps3 is number one. i dont see the ps3 on the shelves, or on ebay, pretty much i dont see it at all. wait till it comes out, probs wont be number 1 ne ways

ssj046386d ago

I think that is where all the 360 fans get there information "ps3 games are coming to the 360" from. Like FFXIII, DMC4, Assassin's Creed, UT2007 and so on, the list could go on forever if I continuse. LOL.

Jay da 2KBalla6386d ago

We need a block function for yo dumb a$$.

achira6386d ago

xbots are so poor. they are so desperate that they believe the inquier. ohhh, how poooooor.

Jay da 2KBalla6386d ago (Edited 6386d ago )

you are so sad and childish because you call people made up words like xbots and say things that are immature and dont make sense(poor because they believe the inquirer? lol)

Optimus Prime6386d ago

i am telling ya again, take the gun, go to the shed and boom. you are pathetic. no one wants to hear you talk

Optimus Prime6386d ago

i am telling ya again, take the gun, go to the shed and boom. you are pathetic. no one wants to hear you talk

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OutLaw6386d ago

The topic saids Top developers slam PS3 broken allegations. Not one developers name or company name was brought up. All you read in that story is according to our sources, thats it. I would have loved to hear how Konami developers, Capcoms developers or maybe Square Enix developers, names come up, but nothing. I can't go on this story as well as the Inquire story. There is no proof that this occurred.

THE TRUTH6386d ago (Edited 6386d ago )

But as soon as there is bad news with absolutely NO DAMN FACTS. Your are so quick to come and say how much TRUTH there is behind it. Why does it have to say who when the damn article makes sense, Developers would not waste thier time or money on a broken console DAMMIT. The thickness of your skull and totally one-sided beliefs that Sony cannot make a great console is really making you unworthy of being a fan of any company or console. I like the 360 but damn I have eyes and ears and I can make a intellegent deciesion for myself. Try it for once and remove the blinders you have tattoed to you eyes.

OutLaw6386d ago

If the inquirer would have said just sources. I would've been suspicious as well, So lose the attitude. As for being one-sided you should take a look in the mirror. I talk about all systems but people like you and SSJ (thats good company). Catch a titty fit when somebody saids something. If you don't like my opinion thats fine. But keep the little baby attitude to yourself. You're sounding childish at the moment.

THE TRUTH6386d ago

Sorry if I lost it alittle there, but no need to compare me to anyone else. I didnt mean to come off like an a$$, it's just some of the fanboy post are getting annoying. I apologize if I offened anyone.

hardwood20016386d ago (Edited 6386d ago )

yeah calm down.

achira6386d ago

i bet all the xbot fans are going to buy a ps3 !!! hahahaaa, ohh but its a good choice, i am going to buy one too!!!!!!!!

Jay da 2KBalla6386d ago

Nah not my type of console. I dont like consoles that charge me 200 dollars for unproven hardware (blu-ray)

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DG6386d ago

Boy its damn hard not to say I told you so!