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Meus Renaissance3912d ago

We all get upset when something like this happens but to kill someone over it, and to kill your baby daughter over it is nothing short of inhumane. This is one guy I hope gets his justice in prison. I'd put posters up of what he did - and the fathers in that prison beat the crap out of him.

Neoninja3912d ago

Agree 100 percent. Its truly ridiculous to take something or anything for that matter to far. I personally hope he drops the soap when he's in prison to really learn a lesson. Man stuff like this really makes me mad.

Bill Gates3912d ago

Bro trust me, at every prison across the world, all the prison veterans find out who is in for what hours after the new comers arrive, and these veterans sometimes even with the help of the guards, make sure individuals like this asshole get the warm fuzzy welcome they deserve.

blacsheep3912d ago

i agree what this man done is disturbingly horrific.

i just hope fanboys stay clear of this article because of the console involved.

i hope his daughter can rest in peace

rofldings3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Don't worry, pedophiles and other child abusers are the most likely to get ass raped/killed in the US prison system. :)

pharmd3912d ago

not to mention she had a broken arm for 2 weeks prior to her death!!! talk about abandonement, did he even spend any time with her? This story makes me want to vomit and makes me embarrassed for some reason.
God help us.

Doppy3912d ago

Now that's what I call an Xbot. Sorry couldn't resist.

But seriously this guy needs to be locked up. Killing your own baby over something as petty as unplugging your game. I mean its most games save automatically so he wouldn't have lost much anyway. This guy had problems to begin with and unfortunately his child was the one he took them out on.

INehalemEXI3912d ago

What is wrong with this dude, tarnishes gamers image when psychos get a hold of controllers.

Enigma_20993912d ago

I bet you couldn't resist, but next time, how about you actually TRY.

IntelligentAj3912d ago

I don't normally advocate the death penalty but in this case it's warranted. Kill the SOB and spit on his grave. F****n idiot.

pharmd3912d ago

who the hell goes through here and disagrees with all this? Seriously!

Gamer luv3912d ago

the death penalty should come in.
f[_]ck 47 years in prison, get him in the chair!

evil bastard didnt even get what he deserves.

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Mr_Showtime13912d ago

i would for this guy to have his face pummeled, stuff like this just fuels folk like jack thompson

bootsielon3912d ago

I start to doubt which is the better punishment, perpetual or death row

WilliamRLBaker3912d ago

Why is it that you notice they tack on all these other charges to these cases? hes charged with murder...and child endangerment? hes gone past endangerment and went straight to murder...they tack them on to get more jail time which in my opinion is stupid.

this guy got what he deserved but simply put justice is not blind infact its lead around by its nose quite often.

sticky doja3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

"Why is it that you notice they tack on all these other charges to these cases?" They tack on charges to make sure that the guilty receive at least some punishment, if not all that they are capable of receiving. For instance, what if the jury found him innocent of murder for some reason, at least the prosecution would get him on child endangerment and make sure he spends at least some time in prison.

Lawyers also use all possible charges to make plea bargains, such as if he confessed instead of pleading not guilty, the prosecution might have dropped the child endangerment charge.

I personally think he deserves all 47 of those years, if not more...

WilliamRLBaker3912d ago

the law is not blind its lead around by its nose quite often, if the proof is there he commited this act then if justice was blind he would be guilty and found so....but he could be found innocent...ect

my point was if justice is blind then no extra charges should be filed hes guilty of murder and should go to jail for a long long time for murder but this is not the case murderers get off of the charge all the time...ect

Gamer luv3912d ago

sorry dude i dont understand what your saying..???

He commited murder, and i believe murder, if its KNOWN hes guilty, should result in the loss of hes own sad little life.

But if hes not going to killed via death penalty, let him rot in some hell hole sh1t prison for the rest of hes life, and never let him touch a gaming console, ever again/

The_Engineer3912d ago

you have to wonder what kind of life she would have had with that creep.