February fallout; PS3 Attitude Big Three

Continuing their monthly feature, PS3 Attitude spell out the three UK and European releases you need to have in your life for the month of February.

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Keowrath4821d ago

How did the Club make the "BIG" 3? Did people actually like it?

I agree with DMC4 though. I've been waiting for it since it was first announced a couple years ago. That said though, I'll be buying the US special edition because I want the anime.

I'd agree with UTIII as well if I didn't already own it (I Imported) but for those in the UK who have yet to enjoy this blast-a-thon, if you like a good solid arena style FPS you won't be disapointed!

The Club??? WTF!?

Adamalicious4821d ago

Yeah - I just played the "The Club" demo and was not impressed.

lonestarmt4821d ago

honestly the anime isn't very good. It looks great (its by gonzo) and very bloody, but sort of a let down. There are certain sites you can go to that already have the whole series uploaded. Check it out and see if its worth the extra money to you.

DrPirate4821d ago

I'll be getting the DMC4 for the steelbox and awesome cover art.

Guess that makes me a sucker :'(

Marceles4821d ago

lol, i just preordered the regular one...after the whole Halo 3 scratched disc episode I took the safe way out. But then I realized that it takes more than a steel case to scratch a blu-ray disc, so too late lol...but I can't wait to beat DMC4

Charlie26884821d ago

I wouldn't recommend the DMC4 Special Edition at ALL it seems to be contra cost effective aka not worth the extra money cuz you are actually paying 20 EXTRA bucks for less than the usual Special Edition specially since Capcom went cheap and decided to make the Art Book "Digital" aka some low res pictures you can see using a special browser on your PC pretty much like the ones in Lost Plant (and yet in LP also came with a physical Artbook) you also get the usual behind the scenes that isn't exactly the best thing ever and you get a DVD with ONLY 4 episodes of the horrible DMC anime that I wouldn't recommend to even the most Hardcore DMC fans

pretty much everything besides the Capcom quality metal case (they are slim) you can find in the internet

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mintaro4821d ago

heh, The Club isnt exactly what i'd call Big 3 material

thetorontokid4821d ago

Yeah I'll be getting the club. Not a very deep game, just alot of fun. They should have added more levels though.

DolphGB4821d ago

...the competition was pretty mediocre.

We had to choose from a limited release schedule and we just couldn't put our hands on our hearts and say that Turok, NFL Tour, FIFA Street 3 or any of the others would be any better.

As it says in the article, we'd rent The Club rather than buy it but it does have a chance at being more than the sum of it's demo, so give it a go...

heyheyhey4821d ago

well it wont be the most exciting month, but DMC4 and UT3 should be good fun

at least this month my wallet wont be empty and my social life wont be unattended to

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