Sakaguchi Looking at Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey Sequels

360 Gamer writes:

"Mistwalker is looking into making sequels to Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, according to studio boss Hironobu Sakaguchi.

So is reporting, the father of Final Fantasy told Famitsu Xbox 360 he is currently looking in the possibility of making sequels to Mistwalker's two 360 RPGs. However, it seems that nothing is set in stone at present."

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Rikitatsu4376d ago

of Programmers and artists... Especially artists because the character design in LO was a little lame ...

predator4376d ago

i loved Blue dragon so i would love a sequal to that game.

Neoninja4376d ago

I'm thinking about getting blue dragon soon, but I'm still rocky on it. As a gamer can you give me your opinion on it?

predator4376d ago

If you love your traditional JRPG's then you will love this, the story, the characters and music is awesome, the graphics and the scenery are breathtaking. it will suck you life away for weeks. I say get it, you will not be disappointed.

Neoninja4376d ago

Alright thanks for the feedback.

Monkspade4375d ago

The problem is just, that only few people in the western part loves JRPG.