Last Pitch Effort: Sleeping Dogs, Darksiders 2 and The Last Story pre-order roundup

Each week we will be highlighting the major release titles and writing up the bonuses that you will get for pre-ordering. We are going to give you the bonuses from the “big three” and choose which one (if any) are worth your cold-hard cash.

It’s the second week of August and the summer games are coming to a close. This week has three major releases coming out on multiple consoles. Let’s see what the best pre-order bonuses are available for this week’s top games.

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Spydiggity3080d ago

already got my pre-order in at amazon for sleeping dogs.

Is it just me or has Amazon done away with 99 cent release day shipping?

Jensen3080d ago

they have, free release day delivery iam down for that :).

Abel3D3079d ago

I pre-ordered at Amazon too. Will be using my $10 credit for Ratchet & Clank Collection Aug 28.

Frances-the-Mute3080d ago

Payed for my DarkSiders II pre-order but from the THQ store for the free season pass.

MrAnderson3080d ago

same here, it's just a steam key for the game they email us right, and not a physical copy?