Analyze This: Should There Be A 'Wii Seal of Quality'?

Gamasutra asked Jesse Divnich of The simExchange, Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan Securities and Ed Barton of Screen Digest:

Are you concerned about the long-term prospects of the Wii, if Nintendo manages to meet consumer demand for it this year?

Should Nintendo bring back the "Nintendo Seal of Quality" (or an alternative game approval method) to enforce more stringent standards for third-party Wii games?

Are there any upcoming Wii titles for this year that you believe will help the system -- besides the Nintendo franchise titles (e.g. Super Smash Bros. Brawl)?

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Joey Gladstone4374d ago

I can honestly say that the Wii Third-party games are TREMENDOUSLY lacking in all areas (gampeplay, graphics, etc) and Nintendo franchises are what really keeps the Wii afloat ....
."The JOEY has Spoken"

PS360WII4374d ago

heh yup that's been the story for a good long time now. Shame really seeing that 3rd parties are known for some amazingly awesome titles, but they just don't use that same mentality with Nintendo hardware. Doesn't make to much sense really

wiizy4374d ago

if they do it should be after 2008... people fail to see that the wii has only been out for 1 year and most developers didnt get their kits in time.. im sure by april and beyond ..most third party games coming to the wii will be great quality

skyclaw4374d ago

Well it would make sense but bad games will ALWAYS slip through... Nintendo just needs to buy all game dev teams and force greatness upon them

Neurotoxin4374d ago

Lol Because The Nintendo Seal of Quality Prevented all rubbish games coming out on the Snes/N64... Mmmmhmmmm

Adamalicious4374d ago

Would Nintendo have put the Seal on Wii Play? Yes, in general, they are doing a better job than third parties at releasing quality content. But they showed us that they aren't above a quick cash-in when the only way to get another Wiimote was to buy the shovelware that is Wii Play.

desolationstorm4374d ago

Wii Play:
Is wii play that big of a deal your paying $10 bucks for it. It was a cash in I agree, but I dont think it was horrible. Poeple wanted a remote so they diecded hey lets charge $50 instead of $40 and give them some mini games. Is it the best mini games ever NO. Though for what it is Im glad I got it. Find a mii and Tanks make the whole package worth it. I cant remember the last time I played the other games. Though the ones that are worth it can go on for a long long time. I got to level 30 something with a friend and everyone I know loves that game, ok maybe we dont sit around and play it all the time but it was worth it.

I agree with purin completely. Who cares if there is trash if people jsut didnt buy it a lot of it would go away. Any console with a large number of casuals has had or will have simular fate.

Nintendo and 3rd Parties:
Back onto the subject shovelware is a part of the industry, the only thing Nintendo should do is to use the wii to give people videos of certain games they want to highlight. I know not everyone is connected to the net, but this would help with a lot of people. If they find a unique 3rd party game why not relase a video or two over the wii to atleast have people be aware of them. Not to mention they send you notices so why dont they have some sorta notice sent out about games.

Better yet with everybody votes why dont we use it for the purpose of say rating games? I realize some poeple would abuse it, but it would be an easy system to put in place. So ninteno writes a little blurb about the game and people who have it get to rate it. Shouldnt be to hard. I know it wouldnt happen but this all seems like just a little effort on nintendos part to help out some worthwhile 3rd parties.

MLB Power Pro:
Because not every 3rd party is awful. Im really enjoying mlb power pros and that would have slipped past my radar if not for reading a players choice award as it being the best sport game last year and being the best baseball game. Not two days later I remarked to a firned hwo I wanted to try it to see why peopel were talking about it. A guy 35-45 looking a wii games reached over grabbed the box looked at it put it down then went and bought it I felt happy because I influenced the guys decesion and he bought a worthwhile 3rd party game. Oh and its onsale at CircuitCity this week for $30 and I used the free $10 for preorder of smash to buy it. Comepletly worth it.

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