What’s The Bloody Point? Changing A Successful Franchise, I’m Looking At You EA

Everyone has picked up a game they grew to love, whether it’s an RPG title or FPS game, games we adore earn a special place in our hearts. So why is it that the game companies then have to attempt to milk the living crap out of it? Replacing that loving memory with a burning hatred for game developers

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CaptainCamper2417d ago

I struggled to stop at just those 2, I could rant for days :D

FarCryLover1822417d ago

EA hasn't changed franchises as much as Ubisoft for example. Ubisoft have changed the SPlinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, Prince of persia, and Brothers in Arms series to almost laughable franchises.

BelieveinGhosts2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

you are soo right. After ghost recon future soldier, i am no longer going to buy Splinter Cell or rainbow six patriots. Are they crazy?
Why is it that developers want to go down the CoD casual root when Socom proves that it is disastrous

MidnytRain2417d ago

I thought people hated it when devs didn't change things.

CaptainCamper2417d ago

It's not always the way. For example, with Tiger Woods, all they did with 13 was change the UI, the core features and mechanics are almost identical. But they removed a ton of stuff and replaced it with online only features. :(

I would have preferred to pay £40 for Tigers Woods 12-2 with 15 more courses :D

prototypeknuckles2417d ago

we want devs to change things, but we dont want them to change things so much that you cant consider them apart of the same franchise anymore

deadspace used to be horror now its an action game with co-op

prince of persia was a fantasy, mythological world, but this rumored rebbot looks more like an egyptian assassians creed, which is realistic

splinter cell is more action than stealth

i could go on and on, thats why games like zelda, sly cooper, ratchet and clank, and god of war still do good, because they change things but at the core they are still the same thing we liked in the first place

BelieveinGhosts2417d ago

You forgot to mention Socom

yami9302417d ago

Capcom has to be the worst criminal of all game companies guilty of this.

BelieveinGhosts2417d ago

Sony and Zipper are the worst Publishers/Developers that are guilty of ignoring their loyal fans and making crazy changes that favour the CoD audience

doogiebear2416d ago

Because of ONE game? STFU clown.