Capcom: Western Developers Focus On Visuals, While Japan Focuses On Gameplay

Capcom director Hideaki Itsuno believes that compared to Western video game developers, Japanese developers have different priorities. Itsuno claims that Western developers start with a game’s visuals, and then work on building its gameplay. According to Itsuno, Capcom Japan gradually builds a game’s visuals but after solidifying its gameplay.

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Rainstorm813278d ago

Really Capcom said this?? Im in Disbelief....Whats so unique about RE6 gameplay? If anything it piggy backs on the "western developers' focus" of graphics over gameplay

Capcom hasnt been a gameplay focused company since the PS2/Xbox/GC generation..

Kin23g3278d ago

Exactly .. look who's talking!

Yi-Long3277d ago

...they focus on GREED!

Letros3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )


Yes I agree, SSF4 and SFxT both have about $50 in DLC on Steam...

AsheXII3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Capcom is not just Resident Evil 6. RE revelations, Okamiden, Dragon's Dogma and Ghost trick are some of the best games of this generation.

Rainstorm813277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

i like Dragons Dogma but it seems like an attempt to replicate the success of games like Dragons Age and Elder Scrolls.....

grailly3277d ago

thank you for making sense :)
people just like hating on capcom, but they do some great stuff to.

CandyCaptain3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Raiinstorm81, if you think Dragon's Dogma is trying to replicate Elder Scrolls, then you are crazy. Dragon's Dogma I would describe as a cross between Shadow of Colossus, Demon Souls/Dark Souls, and their own IP Monster Hunter. All brought together with rpg elements. The gameplay blows away anything in from the base version of Skyrim. Dragon Age isn't even comparable to Dragon's Dogma, so I don't know why you brought that up. About the only thing the games have in common is that they all have dragons in them.

As for everyone else, I thought Resident Evil 4 acted as a catalyst for how we play many of the games we have today, with various burrowed elements from it that were refined further. Granted Resident Evil hasn't evolved since then, and is now worse then other major IP's.

Look at the past and you would know what he says is at least partially true, Maybe not for capcom now. But before it was true, Devil May Cry, Megaman, Mario, DDR, just a ton of of games. Yeah it should be known that japan puts gameplay first. Demon/Dark Souls is constantly praised as being hard but fair, with extremely tight controls. You don't see that in a game like Skyrim, where in skyrim that hammer swing or sword swing can miss you by 10 feet and it still somehow hits you. If that happened in Dark Souls, no one would be able to beat it, and everyone would hate it.

Though it's important to note not all western games are just graphics, and not all Japanese games are gameplay focused, it sill to say that. A lot of western games have great gameplay, what imdialty comes to mind, are racing games like Forza, and sports games like Fifa and NBA 2k. Then you have the developers that can have their cake and eat it to, like Epic games with their Gears series and UT games, Naughty Dog, Bungie, Insomniac, Sucker Punch, 343 Industries(Halo 4 looks amazing so far from what we have seen), and Bioware. Japan has this too, with the Legend of Zelda series, Final Fantasy series, the Tales series, among others.

Yes what the guy said is essentially wrong. The real determining factor is what the goal of the developers behind the game is, and depending on what they are focused on doing will determine how the game turns out. Which is one of the reasons behind licensing an engine like unreal or crytek's. So a developer can focus on what's important(Gameplay, and story).

InTheLab3277d ago


I've seen people say that about Dogma plenty of times and it's wrong every time I see it. Dragon's Dogma's influence comes from a manga called Berserk (also a very good anime). The Elder Scrolls did not invent fantasy and let's face it, no one wants to mimic anything Bioware these days.

Rainstorm813277d ago

@ In the Lab

I love the Sword of the Berserk games from Dreamcast and PS2 and the anime is bad ass


I that capcom was into gameplay over graphics but not this generation, their great games are few are far between, which makes it beyond ridiculous for anyone at capcom to make this statement.....Unless they are still living in the past

JAMurida3277d ago

@ Ashe

Thank you for saying exactly what I was about to just say. Bubble ^


what Raiinstorm81 said!
also, lets not forget that okami itself is quoted as being "a poor mans zelda"
and again, RE revelations is irrelevant because thats definitely a game that takes a "western approach".

ALL IN ALL i think Japanese developers feel the need to talk out of their asses because they feel insecure. its about time people started to admit that A LOT of western/european software has surpassed japanese efforts. Ill admit that japan has much more ORIGINAL titles, but not better. non japanese devs are just as amazing as developing games at this point, whether japanese devs like it or not.

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BrutallyBlunt3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

So Resident Evil 5 showed great gameplay? It controlled like crap.

How about we take a franchise like FIFA and compare it to PES. Not only does FIFA offer better visuals it also offers better gameplay. There is an argument to be made about the lack of things in Japanese games as well as Western games but why must we generalize like this? Games are universal and shouldn't be East versus West anyway. What Capcom has shown is their insistance on milking franchises while over-charging consumers for DLC.

grailly3277d ago

PES is konami. I think what capcom is trying to get across is that japanese focus less on visuals altogether. Not saying that japanese games have better gameplay or anything, but I have more and more the impression that western developers focus way to much on graphics.

cyberninja3277d ago

Comparing fifa to pes... pes 2013 plays better than any previous fifa or pes for that matter, just saying.

BrutallyBlunt3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I know PES is a Konami franchise but I used that as a prime example because it's still Japanese and i was able to compare a direct game with it.

PES 2013 by all accounts looks great but look at how many years it took to get there. We still don't know if it will look and play better than FIFA 2013.

The fact is Western gaming has really done well this generation and Japanese studios are feeling it. So intsead of pointing fingers and saying it's solely because of graphics while the Japanese focus on gameplay is the wrong approach. Even some Japanese developers have commented on how many are not doing a good enough job.

Zeixama3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Gameplay and visuals are root infrastructure parts of what is defined as video game. Game developers have to utilize and execute both perfectly. Example: Star Ocean 3 and Mass Effect 2: Both have unique and fun gameplay builds and good layout visuals builds. Capcom sucks both: Lost Planet 2.

fei-hung3277d ago

that and what are they trying to say about the new and all improved DMC?!

note: sarcasm intended

Muffins12233277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

fallout,skyrim,halo,uncharted, lbp,dues ex revolution,left 4 dead,sims,half life,alan wake(amazing games) ......are you sure about western developers capcom?

amaguli3277d ago

Honestly, I always thought it was the other way around. Western games tend to have better gameplay than Japanese games, but Japanese games tend to have better and unique visuals in there games. I guess each side focus on the weakest points just to get them out of the way.

Blacktric3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

So I guess Capcom is somewhere in the middle since they don't focus on either one since 2004.

yeahokchief3277d ago

Yep its ridiculous that this comment is coming from someone at Capcom. All they're doing is copying call of duty. Get real Capcom guy.

Mike_Tha_Hero3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Why is RE6 everyone's go-to game when bashing Capcom? Like they aren't a huge industrial company, and instead a small group of Asian men sitting in a room plotting to ruin your lives systematically by actually improving upon the games.

yeahokchief3277d ago

Of course they're not idiot.

They're too busy systematically plotting how to empty your wallet and they'll do this by whatever means necessary including burning awesome franchises to the ground.

fastNslowww3277d ago

Did he say RE6 is unique? learn to read before attacking. It piggy backs nothing considering past RE games for gamecube, especially RE4.

tee_bag2423276d ago

@ Rainstorm - Well said.
Capcom used to have a trademark gameplay and challenge about them.

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NukaCola3278d ago

I think Final Fantasy XIII is a good example at flawless perfection in visuals and complete and udder failure in gameplay.

Capcom has a really negative way of thinking this generation and I don't understand why.

megaworm253278d ago

couldn't have said it better

12345bnm3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Yes he could.
He could have said "utter" and not "udder".
You do know what an udder is, don't you?.

grailly3277d ago

I'm pretty sure we could come up with a way longer list of wetstern games with great graphics and balls gameplay, people should stop basing opinions over one game.

RememberThe3573277d ago

We could come up with an even longer list of Japanese games with shit graphics and shit gameplay.

Our opinions haven't been formed off of one game, it's been many games that have let us down over this generation.

swice3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Delete my comment please

jc485733278d ago

it really depends on who is developing.

HammadTheBeast3277d ago

You win.

Capcoms stupid generalization is pointless and stupid.

I don't know why you only have 2 bubbles.

Cocozero3278d ago

I would say Japan focus on fantasy, while western devs focus more on realism.

Thats why graphics are more important to western devs because they want to make it look as real as possible while Japan usually have more unique art styles .

Sephris3277d ago

Ohhhh..this is going to be bad, but I have a friend reading this over my shoulder who said, "of course the Japanese focus on gameplay more. They can't open their eyes up wide enough to see the graphics." I smacked him.

As much as Japan and America have similar interests, our cultures are so completely different that our expectations in games follow suit. Japan will spend serious man hours making a female's boobs bounce in ten thousand directions as she walks. America will spend the same amount of time making sure the blood splatter on the wall looks realistic. Sexuality is more open in Japan than it is here, as well as more acceptable, (save for the pubes! The evil, evil pubes!), while sexuality in America is stifled but murder is death are everywhere. And if you look at the style of games that come out from both countries, at least in general, you can see where the focus is when it comes to graphics and gameplay.

Xperia_ion3277d ago

The American mentality is everything is black and white, the Japanese are more open minded.

Sephris3277d ago

In many cases I totally agree with you. In Japan, if they make a bad mistake that hurts people, they take responsibility for it. In America they try to hide from it by putting clown make-up on Obama. It's rather disheartening to see a country we bombed the hell out of 70 years ago for being a-holes have more values and integrity than what we have now. And these people have vending machines that see used panties. Go figure.

RememberThe3573277d ago

I have to disagree with you. You seem to only see one portion of the population. The vocal minority. Most men I know are men. I mean that in the sense that we take responsibility for our actions and are ready to fight for what we love at any moment. Honor and integrity are critical parts of our lives. I know many women who have the same qualities.

The ramblings of ignorant rednecks do not define this nation.

Simon_Brezhnev3277d ago

You say Japanese are open minded yet Shintaro Ishihara said gay people are genetically gefective and pitiful. LOL