The 10 Best FPSes of All Time: Games That Made Me Fall for the FPS

Nan Rymer of RantGaming writes:

I love FPSes. I love Doom, Wolfenstein, Counter-Strike, FEAR, ARMA, Resistance, Call of Duty, and Battlefield. I love SOCOM, Tribes, Quake, HALO, Crysis, Half-Life, Medal of Honor, Team Fortress and Unreal Tournament. I even love Brink, Star Wars: Battlefront and Rainbow Six, and heck, there’s even a little part of me that loves Hour of Victory if only due to the sheer hilarity of it all (What? You don’t want to be challenged as a player? Perfect! We’ve laid out all the enemies for you on the HUD. And just to make it easier, they won’t even shoot back).

I’ve played a good number of them, from stand alone titles, franchises and their countless sequels, mods and spin offs, and I’ve loved all of them as well for their own reasons. There are just so many amazing FPses out there, more that I’ve forgotten to mention, and certainly even more I haven’t played. But the list below, which I compiled after a lot of going back and forth in my little...

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Dark_Overlord2312d ago

For me personally Deus Ex is my number 1 FPS of all time, everything about the game had me hooked :)

Naners2312d ago

I loved Deus Ex too and when it came to ranking, I must have shuffled the orders at least a hundred times. But in the end, while Deus Ex made me love the genre more, I went with what really got me into the FPS in the first place. Here's to crossing my fingers and hoping that rumor about Deus Ex going next gen coming true. Hehe.

Dark_Overlord2312d ago

With the success of DXHR (What the 2nd game should have been :D) I'd say its a given that SquareEnix will make another in the series :)

FriedGoat2312d ago

This is a farce. Quake 3 arena should be top of the list. It is still the best and actually requires skill.

Oh_Yeah2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

i have to go with crysis series, fallout series, rainbow 6 series, deus ex, bioshocks....oh rage and borderlands also.

TedCruzsTaint2312d ago

That's the thing though. Not trying to attack your favorite games, mind you. Both Deus Ex and Fallout are some of my favorite games, but, simply from a shooter standpoint, neither the original Deus Ex nor either of the latest Fallout games are very good.

Oh_Yeah2312d ago


Im talking about human revolution, and 3 and new vegas are the only fallouts ive played and imo they are some of the best games this gen. youd really rather play 1 + 2?

TedCruzsTaint2312d ago

I'll give you that then. Human Revolution's gunplay was very, very solid. Hell, most of that game was.

As for Fallout, while I enjoy the original games, I definitely feel the new games are a lot more playable by today's standards. My personal favorite was New Vegas though. There was a lot more depth than in 3, and I thought the writing was much better.

turgore2312d ago

Agreed...Deus Ex is probably the best game ever made, but it is not purely a shooter since it has RPG elements.

ian722312d ago

The original Deus Ex is my favourite game ever.

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johnsonbat2312d ago

So many to choose from. Half Life 2 for me.

solar2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

agreed. HL2 is a top tier 3 for FPS, let alone a top 3 games of all time. for me in order HL:2, Portal 2, and CS. Valve just makes the best FPS's. Bioshock was really really good, but not as good as what Valve has put out in the last 10 years for the genre.

bubblebeam2312d ago

"Bioshock was really really good, but not as good as what Valve has put out in the last 10 years for the genre."

I understand your opinion, but to say bioshock isn't as good as episode 1 or 2, or left 4 dead is beyond me. I'd say Bioshock is better than most of what valve has brought out. Half Life 2 is probably stil better though IMO.

Eyeco2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

Agreed Half life 2 isnt my PERSONAL favourite game, that said its still the best game I've get played and I can understand why people praise it

It's nice to see that everyone isn't hopping on the Goldeneye band waggon, I'm tired of seeing it number 1 by default, IMO by today's standards the game is horrible Infact even if you compare it to pc shooters of its time it was pretty bland, all it was to me was those old 2.5d shooters like Wolfenstein and catacomb with souped up 64 bit graphics and horrible controls, overrated by Nintendo fanboys IMO it's had little influence on shooters today

Megaton2312d ago

Half Life is definitely my favorite for FPS with a story. Half Life, BioShock, and if you count Fallout 3 and NV as FPS.

As for multiplayer FPS, my favorites would be Unreal Tournament and TF2.

StayStatic2312d ago

Pretty much the same for me , except that it was quake 3 that taught me how to aim with a mouse after playing golden eye and counter strike expanded on that , never looked back.

Septic2312d ago

Oh yes my son. Quake 3! I got so good at it I was playing quite competitively against the world number 1 at one point. Ah memories. Rarely has there been a more visceral and raw multiplayer fps.

Ducky2312d ago

DeusEx always overshadows SystemShock2. =(

StayStatic2312d ago

I missed system shock 2 :( , wish it would come to GoG or Steam , might be free now for all I know , have a copy on my HDD somewhere as I can't purchase it anywhere, but would prefer an original.

Naners2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

That's on my list to go back to in addition to the first one. I never got to when it came out (my computer was pretty sad back then), and I heard it was what Deus Ex was inspired by. Like StayStatic said, if Steam or a similar outlet were to re-release it though, I'm so there!

tachy0n2312d ago

crysis and half life did it for me! <3

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