Xbox 360 continues to dominate the competition in July

Despite an overall decline in hardware sales across the industry, Microsoft managed to once again dominate the competition in North America with the Xbox 360. Microsoft sold 203,000 Xbox 360 units in July, the 19th consecutive month that the company has beaten Nintendo and Sony.

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SlavisH24062d ago

this is not good for idiots expecting a 720 anytime soon. m$ will continue to enjoy their profits and not shot themselves in the foot!

Belking4062d ago

xbox Infinity ....winter 2013.

simonrope4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Meanwhile, Sony are scraping the bottom of the pan. Counting their final few pennies in their bank account.

Treian4062d ago

right because sales are everything.... /facepalm. Video games are about what you enjoy and most importantly, having fun!!!!!!!

palaeomerus4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

It turns out that triumphalist fanboy praise doesn't go very far in this industry. Investors like sales more. Gamers...well, no one cares much what they supposedly like or hate, especially on the internet where two guys sound can sound like forty and over a thousand can sound like three or four. That's probably why internet-gamers bitch so much. They are deservedly ignored by anyone and everyone with actual skin in the game.

nukeitall4061d ago

At this point in the console cycle, sales, market share and even software releases are already pre-determined.

Normally gamers shouldn't care about sales, but they are directly linked with developer support and hence software releases.

Apart from that, to me it is interesting, because it is straight competition at it's finest. Products with very similar attributes from different companies duking it out!

NastyLeftHook04062d ago

i has the strangest feeling you were getting off when you were tying that.

LiViNgLeGaCY4062d ago

Fanboyism aside, that made me laugh my ass off!

chrisarsenalsavart4062d ago

did you check how ps3s doing compares to x360 on a worldwide level before to open your mouth you stupid idiot.

NastyLeftHook04062d ago

wow calling me an idiot, did you think of that all by yourself?

BitbyDeath4062d ago

@tentonsoftube, i think that comment was directed at simonrope not you.

Brosy4061d ago

MS will beat sony WW again this year. Just wait til the holiday season. 360 sells more in NA in one month than waht the PS3 does all year in Japan. Also you need to use the numbers that MS, sony, and Nintendo release themselves, not VGChartz. VGchartz is in no way shape or form an accurate source for sales numbers.

neoMAXMLC4062d ago

While Sony continues to dominate the console market on a worldwide basis? Yeah I suppose.

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Treian4062d ago

yet another article ranting about sales. your average consumer does not care about sales and will buy what is interesting to them.

baodeus4062d ago

So based on sale the average consumers prefer x360 over others? I don't understand what u are trying to do here?

maniacmayhem4062d ago

I think the average consumer does since it's the average consumer that contributed to the sales.

Who else bought the 360?

Hicken4062d ago

The average consumer buys a lot of tissue. Do they care which brand is on top?

Only tissue enthusiasts who like a particular pattern crossing their derriere care about things like that; the average consumer just buys whatever's cheapest or most convenient.

BrutallyBlunt4061d ago

Here we go again, the above poster downplaying anything positive about the XBOX360 while at the same time whinign about how the media is negative about Sony. If the XBOX360 has no interest to you why do you continue to post in articles about it? The answer is fear and ignorance. People don't buy things only because it's cheaper or more convenient. They buy things they like as well. I know that's a hard concept for you to grasp seeing as how you think the Playstation 3 is leaps and bounds better than any other system out there and sees no reason in getting one, but not everyone thinks like you. Thank God for that.

maniacmayhem4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )


So now we're comparing a $2 to $3 dollar box of tissue to a $200 - $300 dollar investment?

Once again you are downplaying the average consumer for your own personal bias. I personally remember you saing that the average consumer is stupid and this is the reason the Vita isn't selling and the 3DS is.

Now you're saying they just go for the cheapest and most convenient in reference to the x360.

I know this logic will fall on deaf ears and you won't be able to put 2 and 2 together as usual. So I won't even bother to go into further detail. Besides Levelhead has said all that needs to be said to you.