Sony: Casual Games Are Just "an Addictive Diversion"

Sony's President believes that social and casual games aren't going to replace traditional gaming models.

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detroitmademe3570d ago

this is true...for the most part.

Kin23g3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

He's basically saying: Happy Farm will never replace the Uncharted franchise.

Bigpappy3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

The title is not truthful. That is not what Jack said. Here is what he said: [Social and free-to-play] is a business I think a lot of companies are learning is difficult to sustain for the long term," Tretton explained. "It's an adjunct or it's an add-on, but it's not where gaming is headed. It's an addictive diversion. There's a place for social and freemium, but it's not going to replace the business models that are out there."

Calling causual gaming "an Addictive Diversion" is a bad way to look at it's roll in gaming.

If Sony only focus on core gaming, they will not ne leading the industry going forward. You have to do both. Consoles are are rearly used by one person in a house whole anymore. The way m$ is moving the Xbox to be and all inclusive box, is where Sony has to focus if they want to grow their base. The Whole fam can take turns or have their own Xbox, even though they have completely different taste.
Sony was the first to try this approach, but seem to have lost their way. Talk like this may be fine with the core, but is not the best business model.

FinaLXiii3570d ago

"That´s why their called casual games" - Jack Tretton

KonaBro3570d ago

Zynga's stock is freefalling and showing no signs of stopping. It was just a matter of time before the social game bubble burst.

iamnsuperman3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

That is mainly because it is quite easy to replicate games on the cheap and so smaller companies can come in quite easily. The social gaming bubble will not burst just do not expect massive companies to hold the market. Instead there will be much smaller teams (similar to what is happening in the mobile market).

grailly3569d ago

isn't the social game bubble essentially zynga anyway? I mean, what other company than zynga makes social games and is on the stock market?

hasn't the social game bubble already burst then?

Zha1tan3569d ago

they never will be cause they are just fun on the side like a snack you get in the day but you always look forward to dinner.

MoonConquistador3569d ago

Good analogy Zha1tan, well said.

I've still never paid for a casual game on my mobile, I've downloaded free versions of angry birds etc and these are good enough to fill a spare 10 mins, anymore than that and I'd get my PSP out for some GOW or GTA.

Can't wait for my Vita

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