Sony Losing Money on PSP, PS3

Sony's first quarter results are out, and the news isn't good.

Sony has not been doing well. It's suffered four straight years of financial losses and the results for the first quarter this financial year aren't any better.

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KingOptimusOrigin1113570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

They're not advertising. Just my opinion.

KwietStorm_BLM3570d ago

Advertising costs money. Just a fact.

doctorstrange3570d ago

Good advertising makes more money. Just a guess.

LOGICWINS3570d ago

You need to spend money to make money. Reality.

GrandTheftZamboni3570d ago

When I started gaming, my main concern was to buy a console that brings most money to shareholders.

jc485733570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

People don't care about gaming. No really.

nukeitall3570d ago


"When I started gaming, my main concern was to buy a console that brings most money to shareholders."

No, it is to buy a console that gets the type of games that I enjoy playing and the gamers that I enjoy playing with.

The other is just curiosity! Nothing wrong about that and you are free to ignore the shareholder interesting information.

LiViNgLeGaCY3570d ago


I think he was joking....haha. xD

Muffins12233570d ago

advertising gets sales.Just a fact

Rush3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )


Actually that's not a fact, nice try though.

Some brand advertisement can miss its mark and result in a bad consumer image actually lowering sales upon an already established brand.

So not all advertising results in sales, pointless counter argument I know but it seemed like you needed a lesson in what a fact is.

Check out the sort of free advertising chick-fil-a is receiving if you need an example.

blue7_73570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Yeah but to be fair no one is advertising I have not seen any commercials for the Xbox 360, Wii, or PS3 in a while.

So not really a valid argument that it's not selling because of advertising when really not one of the console manufacturers are advertising right now. They will all start when the holidays get near.

Mustang300C20123570d ago

Advertising isn't excluded to tv commercials. Advertising goes to mags billboards and even the 360 dashboard which is what alot of 360 owners use to get info they need. I don't need to see a commercial on tv to see what is available right on the dashboard and click the link and I am ready to download whatever game I am ready to play.

raytraceme3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Funny how the vita made profits even though everyone called it gloom and doom for sony.

ProjectDeputy3570d ago

advertising cost money BUT brings double the money on your table if advertise right.Just a fact

BrianC62343570d ago

" People don't care about gaming. No really."

People care about gaming but most people all over the world are in bad shape. When the world economy sucks nobody should expect things like gaming to do great. The cost of living keeps going up while people who are lucky enough to have a job make less money. Nobody is going to but a lot of games right now.

dcbronco3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )


Vita makes money because it is sold at a profit per unit. The problem for Sony with the Vita is they aren't selling nearly as many as they had hoped. And that is eating into their projected profit. Which is eating into their credit rating and stock price. And that will eat into their profits further.

So they need much bigger Vita sales because the Vita was being counted on for a huge chunk of their profit projections.


It's not about the economy. It's about there not being any games peo0ple want and no new consoles. Once new consoles hit, the sales will go up again. This generation was too long.

Anon19743570d ago

Someone want to show me where Sony ever claims they're losing money on the PS3 or PSP. I've read that earnings report from top to bottom and while they comment on slower sales effecting revenue streams, no where do they back up this article's claim that the PS3 or PSP are losing money. They could be quite profitable within the Gaming division still, even with revenue slowing. We simply don't know from this report. This is about as misleading a headline as you can get.

Funny, I didn't notice anyone writing articles about the 360 losing money when Microsoft's Entertainment posted a loss last quarter. Or a couple of years ago when the divison was last posting loses. Or all the losses the division suffered before that. Odd how we only see these types of articles about Sony, but not when Microsoft is losing money, or even when Nintendo posts loses. I don't recall seeing big "Nintendo losing money on Wii" headlines.

Kin23g3570d ago

What about Microsoft? Are they losing money on Xbox360?

Bzone243570d ago

"Funny, I didn't notice anyone writing articles about the 360 losing money when Microsoft's Entertainment posted a loss last quarter."

Probably because the loss in the E&D was due to platform payments to Nokia as part of their partnership. It was a Windows Phone loss not a Xbox loss. But you probably already knew that and you are just trolling.

EVILDEAD3603570d ago

'Funny, I didn't notice anyone writing articles about the 360 losing money when Microsoft's Entertainment posted a loss last quarter. Or a couple of years ago when the divison was last posting loses. Or all the losses the division suffered before that. Odd how we only see these types of articles about Sony, but not when Microsoft is losing money, or even when Nintendo posts loses'

LMAO @ Darkride lying through his teeth. He LIVES for the day that Microsoft loses a penny to the point that HE writes will write and post articles from his blog site.

He'll dissapear for as long as it takes till he sniffs out a loss. But NOW is claiming that there isn't ANY articles on Microsoft losing


I will say this about Sony advertising in regards to Vita.

I saw the Vita MLB commercial here in the states more times than I could count.

But IMO it wasnt THE commercial that should have run for a new system releasing. It gave the average Joe consumer very little information that implied THIS is a new Sony Portable arriving in stores now.

At the same time, advertising does NOT always mean your system will succeed initially.

IMO..Vita has at least the next two holidays to hit home with the masses.


kreate3569d ago

And yet, no one counters darkrides arguement, instead they just make fun of him...

This article is really vague though, no concrete subsistence. Bunch of ramblings jumboed up.

For u Microsoft fanboys, dont worry, Microsoft generally does well and stays profitable. Still monopolizing the PC industry and bill gates family will be rich for another so many generations after his death.

I also agree sony's products arent what it use to be, in a sense that, there is a different market trend than previous decades, as well as more, better competitors than before.

but no one really knows why ps3s arent selling as much as it should, this was already discussed with Geoff Keighley and Michael pachter. Sony themself is probably scratching their heads trying to figure out whats wrong with the consumers.

Although other Sony products arent that great, I do think ps3 is better than xbox in terms of software and hardware. Arguably better. As well as movies like Spiderman Sony pictures pumps out.

But xbox arguably has better online and is more consumer friendly.

If things keep going the way it is for sony, I feel sorry for gamers and the future gaming industry.

dcbronco3569d ago


Until recently Sony had gaming in a separate division. So any losses were for gaming and it was obvious. MS has never had gaming as a separate division. There are many things in the division that don't make money. Their most innovative products R & D come from the division. Kinect, Surface(original). Many things that lose money like Zune and Internet TV. Hundreds of millions for advertising software that makes millions, but that income doesn't go to that division.

There are no doom and gloom articles about Xbox because the sources for those business reports. And business reporters know that Xbox isn't the cause of the losses in Entertainment and Devices division. At least not for the last four or five years.

And for people that like to blame the economy for the problems in gaming. Apple sell over 32 million overpriced iPhones a year. And almost 16 million iPads. People are willing to spend on things they want. Gaming just has to offer them something they want. The economy has nothing to do with it.

Kryis3569d ago

Actually, while not a direct advertisement, x360 does get quiet a bit.
It's indirect, but they advertise through other companies games.
Most games you see with a x360 stamp on them, not a PS3 stamp.
Also, I see the x360 logo more on tv, whether through sports or other shows.
Even movies, like Real Steel, seem to advertise the x360 logo, not the PS3.

Bobby Kotex3569d ago

@LOGICWINS You are not the CEO of a company and never will be. Reality.

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PoSTedUP3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

they need a better CEO and/ or management team , ones that are prepared to strategize for the bad economy. if im wrong, that Gaikai purchase Better do something to sell a lot of something and make that money back, that's all im saying. stream games to Vita/PS3 Sony and you have the game on lock down. i can play Crysis2 (demo) on my laptop right now on Gaikai's website. this is possible for ps3 and vita, i think that's what they are going to do. if not... you guys just dug your hole a lot deeper...

dcbronco3570d ago

Kaz is making smart moves. He was just left with a huge problem. If given a chance I think he can dig them out of their hole. I'm not sure he will have that time though. If they had listened to Stringer 5 years ago they would not be in this position.

Jazz41083570d ago as a company has been profiting majorly as a company these past four years and Sony as a company is broke and thats why no doom and gloom on ms as much as you have tried to make others think by pm them saying ms shareholders wont allow another console and it looks like you were dead wrong and whatz ironic is the exact same think u been wishing on ms is happening to your beloved sony. Instead of trolling about a piece of plastic maybe now that the elitist on here are being silenced by sony themselves we can get back to games.

CaJuaLFeatPuFF3570d ago

Call Chad Warden and advertise

nukeitall3570d ago

Advertising is an investment into the future!

At the current rate, Sony will soon have no investment left of PS Vita. Sony should take Nintendo's lead and drop the price of the PS Vita NOW!

Short term loss, for long term gain. That is how almost all major businesses operate. Even the almighty Nintendo dropped their price, the CEO openly admitted he screwed up and lowered his own salary. Now, that is a well managed company unlike the other one in serious trouble!

Mustang300C20123570d ago

Arguably the greatest software launch for a system and none of the games are selling. So what good is a price drop going to do other than make them bleed more than they are already bleeding. They are losing money on the Vita now so if they have no software NOW than what good does it do to drop the price? Sony just told us they admit to struggling getting 3rd party support. Announcments of games are not going to make sales jump. They F'd up and it is as simple as that. They made the mistake of making a system that is supposed to cater mostly to digital content and not provide a system that has any internal memory. The same mistakes they made with the PSP and PSP Go are the same mistakes they are making now. The games are not being bought and just now we find out in the US it has only sold less than 50k for the month of July. That is about the same it sales for the Japan which is a much smaller country and yet Tretton is happy about the current sales today than he was 4 months ago? base on his own calculation if it was selling less around 15.4k a month he thinks that is good. Yeah, this is the denial stage.

PoSTedUP3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

sony dosen't have any more short term losses left. and on top of that, that long term gain is not guaranteed, you would just be flipping a coin. they might sell a lot, but maybe not as many as it would take to reach the profit mark. they dont know whether it'll sell well enough with a price drop (that they cant already afford), major businesses don't flip coins w/o a heads up (pun unintended). meaning they use well informed and researched material b4 they make any moves, so, a price drop would be a bad move until they are confident (more games, more apps, something cool and catchy) it will appeal to enough people to sell well.

nukeitall3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )


So you got a profitable PS3, that you cut the price to gain market share at the end of the console cycle i.e little future profit.

Then you have a new product that is at the start of the cycle, but instead of attempting to get market share you go for profit.

See something wrong there?

It is essentially backwards of how the console business has worked for decades. It is stupid and nobody does that, but Sony.

"they dont know whether it'll sell well enough with a price drop (that they cant already afford)"

Well there is only two answers, either it is a product people don't want or the price is too high!

However, they will drop the price on the PS3 back in August of last year?

"major businesses don't flip coins w/o a heads up (pun unintended). meaning they use well informed and researched material b4 they make any moves,"

If that is the case and they do such research, they wouldn't be selling as crappy as it does with little third party support.

This isn't a new market for Sony and yes, businesses do flip coins all the time!

Nobody knows for sure if a product will sell, even with massive research.

"so, a price drop would be a bad move until they are confident (more games, more apps, something cool and catchy) it will appeal to enough people to sell well. "

Nintendo with the 3DS didn't wait for all that to materialize.

Problem Sony has is the longer they wait, the better the 3DS sounds compared to the PS Vita. Nintendo didn't have a direct competitor at the time with 3DS.

It's a vicious cycle that feeds upon itself. More software, more consumers. More consumers, more software.

My entire point is, Sony got their business backwards. They should have used the profits from PS3 to invest into PS Vita. There is little future left of the PS3 and the current console cycle so milk that cow for all it is worth. It just makes business sense.

PoSTedUP3569d ago

they used the profits from ps3 for gaikai, which might be a better outcome in the long run for them and us. i think we will have gaikai games streamed to vita and PS3 which will make them sell outstanding one even with just a little marketing. they are relying on word of mouth which obviously isn't going to well. but just think, they still have a lot more to drop their prices so lets wait and see.

everything else i probably have a response for but i really don't feel like responding, you tried to own me too bad lol.

nukeitall3569d ago


I'm not here to own anyone as that doesn't exactly score me any points anywhere. I'm more interested in a meaningful and interesting discussion.

"they used the profits from ps3 for gaikai, which might be a better outcome in the long run for them and us."

What profits?

The PS3 lost more than the gains from two generations of Playstation, including PS1 and PS2.

Besides that, I'm talking about "profit" from future PS3 sold if Sony did not cut the price i.e. this entire year. Not past profit already in the bank prior to the price cut.

"i think we will have gaikai games streamed to vita and PS3 which will make them sell outstanding one even with just a little marketing."

That assumes that Gaikai is where the future is headed. So far neither OnLive or Gaikai has made any meaningful impact. With the amount of money Sony spent purchasing Gaikai, they could developed their own technology several times over.

As I said before, this is a catch up move by Sony if anything. Gaikai's business doesn't rely align with Sony's, nor do they need the technology. So the only thing left is the infrastructure and maybe there is some value in the patents.

"they are relying on word of mouth which obviously isn't going to well. but just think, they still have a lot more to drop their prices so lets wait and see."

Actually no, Sony has been relying on brand strength this entire generation. For word of mouth, they need something like Wii, Kinect or "socialness".

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maniacmayhem3570d ago

I always see Vita and PS3 commercials, I think we just can't fall on the safe "Sony doesn't advertise enough" excuse.

3DS advertises just as much and they're doing good. Vita needs a price drop, that will be all the advertising they need.

BrianC62343570d ago

The Vita needs more big games more than it needs a price drop. A lot of gamers just haven't seen a game that makes them want a Vita.

maniacmayhem3570d ago

Bigger names than it already has? Uncharted, Resistance, MvC3, Ninja Gaiden, Mortal Kombat are just a few of the big names which is more than 3DS and 3DS is doing great.

They need a price cut if they want to see movement.

-Alpha3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

^Sorry but Uncharted, Resistance, and MK aren't big names that are going to justify $250 sales for the mass market. Additionally, core gamers are already spent with consoles and PC's and buying games for those products. To expect a $250 dedicated handheld to fly isn't as easy as some thought it would be for Sony.

I dont get why anybody thinks Uncharted or Resistance is going to move units, it wont to anyone outside of the internet fans. Especially in Japan. And no, the U.S market isn't going to flood to Resistance as the "Cool bro, Online MP" shooter. These names don't help, and if anybody really wanted them, the console counterparts exist.

Now, push titles like Gravity Daze, Valkyria Chronicles, Loco Roco, Patapon, and support more RPGs and other franchises that don't succeed as much on consoles anymore (Sly, Jak, Medievil) and then you will see more gamers wanting a VITA. Push games you can't already get some version of on your most recent console. Bring back PS2 and PSOne franchises that would otherwise be risky to invest on modern consoles. Sony killing their own exclusives by making games like Sound Shapes multiplatform doesn't help either.

maniacmayhem3570d ago


"Gravity Daze, Valkyria Chronicles, Loco Roco, Patapon,"

Really, these titles will push the Vita? Where in Japan and maybe a small group of gamers in the US who follow these very niche titles. Medievil?? A ps1 game? These games are going to justify the $250 + tax price tag for the Vita?

Sorry Alpha I usually agree with you but I think you are way off the mark here.

Those are great titles but I hardly think those and some RPG's will get the Vita moving. The Vita came out the gate with a strong line up of games but its obvious that the interest is low.

The price needs to come down, right now there is a cheaper alternative for on the go gaming which is the 3DS. It has a bigger install base and a much better track record of handheld success that 3rd parties are willing to develop on now.

Making high risk titles and bringing old IP's that have no interest to the general public and have been dormant for years back on the Vita will further push it into the black.

A GTA, FF, CoD or GoW would also help way more than a Loco Roco or Medievil.

-Alpha3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

^ Yes, I do think those IPs would sell VITA-- first, Loco Roco and Patapon would sell better than Resistance or Uncharted ever could in Japan. Titles like Medievil would be refreshing to see over yet ANOTHER shooter and an action game we ALREADY have on PS3. It's redundant. Sony is saturating their own products together when they should be using the handheld market to its own advantages.

People cant afford $300+ for a handheld and be hardcore gamers when many of them are dedicated console gamers already spending $60+ for core console games and other products they may own. Sony needs IPs that are not only huge names (Sony's strongest sellers are third party-- MGS, GTA, FF, where are these games? There isn't much about them in the near future) but that are also refreshing names.

There is a market that is STARVING on current gen consoles, Sony should be capitalizing on this with the VITA. It's clear that their current offering isn't interesting many, and how well do you trust AC, Bioshock, and COD? Who is seriously going to buy a VITA for these when the console versions, which will undoubtedly be where the attention is focused, will be the "better" versions? Imagine what they could be doing with an entirely separate mentality that treated the VITA as a standalone device with standalone IPs that you cannot replicate or that you would not usually see on the PS3. Instead, we are seeing the strategy of piggybacking console IPs on the VITA. Even if they are different games, they will still play similarly. Do you see completely new consumers to PlayStation choosing a handheld to play this over their Xbox/buying a $150 PS3 that offers way more? Do you think the majority of PS3 gamers would put $300 towards a handheld to play these same IPs? It's bizarre to me that people would want to do this on a mass scale. Who realistically even has that kind of money to simply play PS3 on the go? Who is really on the go THAT much to want a $300 device to play PS3 games on the go?

There are TOO many PSONe and PS2 games out there that pockets of fans are dying to wait to see again, and too many publishers who are unwilling to take the risk to market that on a changed HD console market. Now, the VITA on the other hand is a viable platform, yet it's getting populated with the same IPs. Maybe it's just me, but I think that the majority of consumers feel the same way: I want to play games that are different, games that are new or refreshing, old IPs I haven't seen since forever, and IPs that I know I cannot find elsewhere. What do we have instead? Sony putting Sound Shapes (9+ rated former VITA exclusive) on the PS3 store and offering Assassin's Creed for VITA at the same time we have the console version coming out. I just don't see it working like this, So yeah, I do think more original IPs to handhelds and older IPs from older consoles offer a world of opportunity for the VITA, and that the mass consumers will be more interested in IPs that stand out as opposed to IPs that are advertised for the console counterparts.

Disccordia3570d ago

Nobody wants to play another resistance or uncharted when they can play the superior versions on a ps3 which may I point out is cheaper than the vita.

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hkgamer3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Advertising is one of the main elements of marketing but that is not everything. Marketing is massive and if the strategy is right with the right amount of advertising and other PR things it can work.
Apple does the right amount of advertisement along with word of mouth and other PR. It creates a buzz and makes everyone believe that it is cool and everyone has one. People will buy things because it is the trend and it is up to marketing to make everyone believe your product is what everyone wants.
Think about things like Kickstarter, hardly anyone would donate just because they like the product, they donate because they see that they are not the only one to do it. When kickstarter projects goes crazy and have a massive amount of donations, other people would end up donating just to be part of it.

New console releases normally ship certain amounts at a time to create buzz by having products sell out. part of Wii's success was that they were constantly sold out, and the buzz carried on for other a year because demand of the console was more than the amount that was shipped out. It's not that Nintendo couldn't meet the demand but deliberately control the amount available to keep the buzz going for as long as possible and to make people want it.

SephirothX213570d ago

Do you think that the marketing team in Sony would just sit back and not bother creating a strategy for advertisements. Come on now. Its not that simple. You might as well say that Sony are losing money because they're not making money.

princejb1343570d ago

I don't think it's advertisement
Is just a lesson for Sony to learn dont make that console to expensive at launch without earning profits

I love my ps3 wouldn't trade it for any console in the market right now
But the truth must be sad I been losing interest in console gaming with all these first person shooters been released from left to right

otherZinc3570d ago

You need a dominating product to advertise!
SONY can advertise an average game to death, its still an average game.

Ive said millions of times "sales matter"!

Sales drive everything, period!

This holiday season is going to be worse. Playstation Allstars isn't going to sell millions.
And, SONY has no other system sellers.


solar3570d ago

i like sony products a lot, but they really do suck at advertising for Vita and Ps3. Kevin Butler is fucking great, but those commercials need to be running more than 360 commercials.

tehpees33570d ago

I don't think they need to advertise a PS3. The majority of people know PS3 is out.

knifefight3570d ago

The point of advertising isn't just to remind people something is available, it's to gradually implant it into the subconscious and make it appealing -- sometimes over time.

I mean, people "know Mountain Dew is out" too, but there are still plenty of commercials for it. It's not about being out, it's about reminding people to spend money on your products. In the PS3's case, it might sometimes be a console (which would happen through enough marketing of enough games), but it might just as often be a game or peripheral. Might be a few new PS+ subscriptions.

I'm not saying advertising would solve the problem, but I'm simply addressing your notion regarding advertising a product that people know "is out." The fact that it's out doesn't really take away from a company's need for advertising.

solid_si3569d ago

7 years ago, Sony were dominating in the console market with 75% of the market shares with Ps2 but this generation they have Slummed so bad in all fronts. From console to TV
Sales. If they do this bad Next generatiom, i doubt sony will exist.

extermin8or3569d ago

They do advertise just often really obscurely and not very well, which is a shame; losts of adverts in the cinema's though they tend to be longer/ slightly better than the tv ones

Apex133569d ago

It simply comes down to them cramming in to many features no one has asked for and over charging. It's a bad structure

showtimefolks3569d ago

as much hate as sony gets even though they deliver the most bang for your buck and that's not an opinion, that's a fact.

i can not believe people are happy sony is loosing money i guess if they go out of console business we will be left with Nintendo and their casual market along with some first party support and in MS's case here comes another halo,gears and forza

since 2007-2008 sony has delivered where it matters to its core gamers and that's games and improving psn, for many who were there from 1st day we know where psn started and where it is today and guess what its still free yeh i am looking at you MS.

psn:plus another great service

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LX-General-Kaos3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

That was a very unfortunate piece of news. Hopefully things turn around for them for the better. It would be the most unfortunate to see them meet their final financial resting place.

Rated E For Everyone

TheMasterShake3570d ago

im saying sony should just get out of the handheld market and refocus to home consoles. just make all the portable games PSN titles or minis

rpgsaviior3570d ago

why should they get out of the market that has been more profitable?

iamnsuperman3570d ago

It is increasingly becoming less profitable as a direct effect of having a mobile market with cheap games. I personally see Sony and Nintendo (but Nintendo not for a while) leaving this market.

LOGICWINS3570d ago

Ummm..just because the portable gaming market is profitable doesn't mean that Sony will be profitable WITHIN the portable gaming market.

Machioto3570d ago

@logic they were successful with the psp,I blame the slow start on the time they chose to release the vita.

Mustang300C20123570d ago

@ Machioto

What do u call successful? None of the games sold on the PSP outside of Japan. Japan is the only place the PSP actually sales in. Support was dropped a year before the Vita was even announced in the US. The reason they are struggling now with 3rd party support is because those same companies took a chance on the PSP and it didn't turn out well for them. So I don't get how exactly PSP was a success just because it sold the console itself. Software was basically going untouched.

oldfriend863570d ago


I appreciate your feelings about the Vita's release date. Being released mid or end of February is a little weird. Typically a good release date is end of October/beginning of November for the US. You give people enough time to hear about the product and it's also in time for Black Friday sales and Xmas shopping.

But released in February is hard to grasp. They probably couldn't make it for the holiday season and to wait almost a whole year just to release an already finished product till next Christmas would've been unrealistic. I'm sure they released the Vita as soon as they could.

Anyways, I've mentioned it in other article comment sections, where it'll be the holiday season soon. I'd love to see the Vita sales shoot up.

givemeshelter3570d ago

Sony is not making money from the Vita. It's not profitable for them. With the onslaught of Smart Phones and tablets, it's only going to get worse.

Knight_Crawler3570d ago

@machito - Your forgetting that the PSP really picked up sales when it was hacked to play free games.

I dont see the VITA being hacked anytime soon or maybe never so I dont expect the same sales that the PS had.

Thisis the same for the 360 once it was hacked sales took off.

r1sh123569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

The handheld market is profitable but Sonys handhelds are the ones not making money.
The Vita has disappointing sales, sony mobile phones are pretty poor compared to the competition and mobile games are now selling for a fraction of the price of Vita games.
In terms of value what will be cheaper in the long term: A PS Vita with expensive games, or an android/Iphone with cheap games (Some games are free) and an insane amount of apps and other features like making phone calls etc...

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morganfell3570d ago

A little late. But hey, it's Sony let's keep doing articles on this:

maniacmayhem3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

The community is approving them.

Plus this is no different than the many WiiU is doomed or WiiU is less powerful than the 360/PS3 articles.

XabiDaChosenOne3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

@Dlacy13g "if you don't like these stories...don't read them and go to a different story." And I bet you are just loving them huh? I mean, to read multiple articles on the same piece of news has got to mean something lol. "There are tons of stories up about Playstation All-Stars, and yet you aren't complaining about them are you?" Why should he? Most of those articles are opnion pieces about the game which will obviously differ from author to author thus different perspectives of the game. Articles like these are just regurgitating info we learned days ago. Your reasoning skills are horrible.
@maniacmayhem Last I checked it only took ten people to approve an article, hardly a community effort and where did the WiiU referance come from?

LOGICWINS3570d ago

Sony is one of the premier computer entertainment companies in the world. Any news regarding their well being(good or bad) is welcome.

OC_MurphysLaw3570d ago

@morganfell news is news whether you like it or not. multiple sites are putting their takes on that news... people are wanting to read about it.

My advice to you, if you don't like these stories...don't read them and go to a different story. There are tons of stories up about Playstation All-Stars, and yet you aren't complaining about them are you?