XBLA download limit causing SSF2T:HD Remix problems

From the article: "The man behind Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix has admitted that the XBLA game-size limit imposed by Microsoft is causing development problems, sparking concern that there may be differences between the XBLA and PSN versions of the game when it is finally released.

SSF2T:HD Remix director David Sirlin revealed that developer Backbone is struggling to fit the new HD graphics into the 150MB Xbox LIVE download limit and admitted that including remixed music as well as the original music is proving "difficult or impossible"."

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Skerj4374d ago

I hate that stupid limit, there would probably be better XBLA games if it were removed.

mighty_douche4374d ago

so they allow demos of crap games such as The Club to be limitless in size, yet cap "arcade" games to 150mb?

why exactly?

Oh and whens the PS3 version coming!!

Skerj4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

Because of the uninformed suckers who bought the core and arcade systems. They don't have a hard drive so MS limits the XBLA games to 150mb so they can download them and store them on the memory cards. They lost a game called Eternity's Child to the Wii for that.

And yes it's quite stupid to allow 2 gig demos but impose such a stupid limit on original games that could make money.

RecSpec4374d ago

Since it got delayed last year, there has been no specific release date. Although this could lead up to the PSN version being released first.

craymoogy4374d ago

first they kill themselves by not having the next gen disc driver, now the stupid size limit. Seems like MS is on the way to hell. An arcade game for 150mb? Man, that's horrible. Even my game is 150mb when it looks like crap.

Kleptic4374d ago

oh demos are not limited to 150megs?...I was going to say, how exactly are XBL and the PSN getting identical demos for games like Paradise, when I know the PS3 demo is like 1.3gb...

i Shank u4373d ago

haha! nice one calling out the club; whatta piece of crap!

MS, you suck! if you make this game subpar because of your retarded policy, a policy that allows us to download 1.2 gb The Club, 1.3 Gb Fall of liberty, and other 1.somthin worthless gigabytes, im gonna tear your tele-robo support guy Max a new one!

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titntin4374d ago

It's a shame that Live has such restrictive limits.
They were imposed to ensure that 20 gig drives aren't seen as prohibitively small.

DraconWolfX4374d ago

Not only that but they were capped to fit onto a memory card as well. They were originally 50mb cap when there was only a 64mb card. Now that there is 256mb games are 150mb.

SCThor4374d ago

drop the XBLA version and go PSN exclusive.

Sayai jin4374d ago


Thats only a solution if you do not want make a lot of money and since he is a developer then he is in the business to do just that, make money. XBL has over 10 million users.

I see XBL increasing the size limit.

i Shank u4373d ago

agreed. they upped the size limit for Castelvania, a high profile japanese addition; why stop there?

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Yi-Long4374d ago

As someone else mentioned, demos are free, but have no restricitions.

For these games you PAY MONEY, but they arent allowed to be as good as possible, due to the idiotic size limit. :(

Not sure if this game will be as good as I hope it will be (some sprites (Guile, Cammy) and the Vegas background looked pretty 'meh' to just downright 'BLAH!'.
Udon is underachieving, cause I know they have some great artists, but they're really skimping on the quality on some of the sprites and bland backgrounds :(

So not sure if I'll buy it, but if I do, I will buy the version that's best, and if that's the PS3 version, than it's Microsoft's own damn fault.

Yi-Long4374d ago

The genesis/Megadrice controllers was perfect for fighters like Sf2 and Eternal Champions etc. Just a tad too small and light though. But button lay-out and d-pas wise, it was extremely good.

Lew_Ijgee4374d ago

demos count as advertisments. People will spend more money at a later time to buy the full version of that demo. Also since they are free, it really no big deal for people to delete them when finished playing them, unlike arcade games which (should) take longer to complete.

ceedubya94374d ago

If they did, then they should surely make an exception for this title. It would most surely be one of the highest sellers on Live Arcade, and the last thing they need to do is gimp the game and hurt sales, especially when the PS3 has (arguably) the best controller for fighting games.

Skerj4374d ago

I wish I could get an adapter to use my Saturn controller for fighting games on other systems, that and the 6 button Ascii pad for Dreamcast were the best controllers I've ever used for fighting games especially those from Capcom.

RecSpec4374d ago

The 6-button pad on the Genesis was perfect for Street Fighter. Better than trying to use the shoulder buttons on the SNES version. The Saturn pad evolved from that one if I'm not mistaken.

Skerj4374d ago

Yeah it did, they had a fat one at first then it got thinner and more ergonomic which was the best pad for fighters ever!! Then the 3D controller came out with Nights and that evolved into the Dreamcast controller. Having all 3 punches and kicks on the face helps a hell of a lot. I've grown used to the PS controllers for fighting games though which started with my hardcore love for Rival Schools.

Marceles4374d ago

I didn't mind the SNES controller...I always just set the mediums to the shoulder buttons, and I mostly only use medium kick to string a 3 hit combo or to cross up, but I never use it for a special move. I do agree that the Saturn controller was really nice though

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v1c1ous4374d ago

1) maintaining the 150 MB limit because that's derivative of the core gamers.

pisses off a lot of fans

2) Raises the MB limit like they had to for castlevania: symphony of the night.

gets some praise from fans

3) announces price drop on HDD, offers cheaper HDD alternative for core, or brings out a miniscule 10 gig HDD standard on cores from now on.

highly unlikely, but we can dream can't we?

craymoogy4374d ago

10gb? the damn system takes up like 3-4 gb, which means you only have like 6+ gb. I guess you can have 6 games on it then get a new gb.

i Shank u4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

wrong. my 20 GB drive gives me 13GB of available storage. its pissed me off since i got it, false advertising if you ask me.

vicious : lovethe idea about the 10 gb. even bigger of a change then HDMI, that would force them to backpedal and change their whole stance on the arcade. good idea but highly unlikely like you said, though only because they are (imo) a pretty dumb company decision-wise.

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