Microsoft's Gaming Figures: A New Perspective

CNBC's Jim Goldman has revisited Microsoft's recent figures... bear in mind that CNBC is an NBC news service and isn't MSNBC, the online news service jointly owned by Microsoft and General Motors/NBC. So, they're not related, not in the slightest, no way.

Jim points that, although Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division (run by the always quotable Robbie Bach) made $357 million (£180.5m) profit for the three months to December 2007, we shouldn't forget its $3.06 billion (£1.5b) in revenue.

Jim spoke to Microsoft's chief financial officer (CFO), Chris Liddell, about the figures to get some more perspective, and was told, "'s all about the "attach rate," the number of games and accessories consumers buy along with the console itself.

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