150° Rumour mill for Jan 30th, 2008 takes a look at the big rumours currently doing the rounds in the video game industry. Every week they'll hunt down the juiciest stories and give their opinion on how legit they are.

Retro Studios working on Zelda spin-off

The Rumour: Surfer Girl claims that Retro Studios' (the team behind the Metroid Prime series) next game will be revealed at or around the time of E3 (which takes place in July) and shockingly is a spin-off from the Zelda series.

Verdict: This seems too far fetched to make up. What's most puzzling is the kind of game this supposed spin-off will be. We're putting money on an action/adventure game of a similar style to Retro's cancelled GameCube project Raven Blade.

Plausibility rating: 3/5

Killzone 2 missing 2008

The Rumour: Killzone 2 is without doubt the most hyped game in development for the PlayStation 3, but with that hype comes much pressure. So much pressure that it's not going to be shipped until it's completely ready - even if that means 2009.

Verdict: This latest Killzone 2 rumour comes from Surfer Girl but that doesn't automatically make it 100% legit. Sony undoubtedly will want Killzone 2 released this calendar year, but all isn't lost if it doesn't happen. We're sure Insomniac's Resistance 2 will be more than happy to step into Killzone's FPS shoes. Sony probably won't get another chance to make Killzone into a big franchise, so Guerrilla Games will likely get all the time it needs.

Plausibility rating: 4/5

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sajj3164380d ago

Not even Sony will give a blank check to Guerilla in developing KZ2. Is it high budget, sure it will be but let's not be dumb about this. I'm sure there are other studios that would love that type of funding but this is Sony's lovechild. I do think there is a ceiling cost to the game as well as expectations that it will hit in 08. Does it have to? Maybe not as an 08 lineup without KZ2 is still a very stellar line-up. Seeing that Sony has two legit franchises in Killzone and Resistence, I think they are fine, whenever the games are released. In fact, I think a delay like this will help one game, Haze.

ceedubya94380d ago

Let them take the time and make it the best game possible. Resistance 2 should hold everything down as the PS3's top shooter for the year. It will just give Sony another big title for 2009 to go along with God of War 3 and Final Fantasy XIII (you know its not coming out in 2008).

Iron Man 24380d ago

I agree,release Killzone 2 when it's ready,Resistance 2 and MGS4 will keep me busy until then,about Crysis,please release it on consoles!;)

DEADEND4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

To tell you the truth I really think Killzone 2 will come out this year, and I also think the rumors about the production cost are false. Lets be real here yes the game will cost a lot to make but I really don't think Sony would spend that much on a game that might only sell less then 2 million (even if it gets over 9.0 rates and sell very well). They would never risk that much money and the company as a whole would never allow the PlayStation side of the company to even go that far, they would never let them cross that line.

As for a 2008 release I can see it happening because they have been working on the game as long as MGS4 and even longer then R:FOM 2. Plus they haven't said much about the game because they want to keep it a secret, they don't want videos of the game play all over the place before their ready to show it. Hell do anyone remember Dome 3 for Xbox and how so much info got leaked before the game was released, it was so bad the demo was all over the internet.

GG and Sony know what they are doing, right now all I can say is that the game will come out this year and the real info and game play videos will be showed at GDC and E3. So right now everyone needs to claim down and just wait, hell if the 360 fanboys can wait for Too Human then we can wait for Killzone 2 because that game has been delayed too many times.

To Kermit5:

I'm pretty sure Crysis will come to the PS3 because they need money, lets face it no one has that kind of money to upgrade their PC for Crysis. The game didn't even sell 250,000 yet so they are in trouble right now and we all know how money hungry EA is, so you can bet Crysis is coming to the PS3 or it might also come out for the 360 as well. My guess is either they will show it at GDC or at E3 for a 2008 release, hell they might add a ton of new content for the console version.

Lord_Ash4380d ago

I doubt that they want KZ2 to go against high profile games so they will choose their release time carefully, I mean you got GTA4 taking all the time of people in April/May, then you got MGS4 taking June/July which leaves August since September is rumored for Resistance 2 (and 2 1st party FPS with huge online in one month is crazy) and the Q4 will be filled with over hyped games like every year, so I'm guessing August but thats just a guess.

Anyway an Amazing delayed game better than an average meet the date game.

desolationstorm4380d ago

I really cant wait to hear details on what retro is working on. I was kinda hoping for a new ip, but if they can do a cool spin-off I am for all things zelda.

As for KZ2, sony does need to take their time on the game. I think sony would invest a lot into the simply because they want a bigger chunk of america and right now FPS are all the rage. Look at what Microsoft did with halo and you cant deny that Sony wants to counter that. Could be argued that resistance is that counter, but Im not so sure if the game only made as big of a splash as it did simply because most other launch games were let downs or garbage. Will sony need it this year? No not at all, Im sure MGS4 will be enough to get peoples attention and sell more systems. Not to mention when GTAIV comes out Im sure it will sell systems for sony, even though it comes out for both a lot of people link GTA to the playstation name so Im sure theres a good chunk of the semi casual ps2 guys that would buy a ps3 over a 360 when it came out for both.

ceedubya94380d ago

Between their annoucned 1st party titles and all of the 3rd party stuff, they have more than enough to last through 2008. The last thing they need is for their biggest game to be released before it can reach its potential. As for GTAIV, I think it will be interesting to see the impact this game makes. A lot of people would assume that this game would do well for Sony, but its not too far fetched to think that it could move more 360s than PS3s. There are a few games that have generally been favored on Playstation platforms, like Madden for instance, but have done really well for the 360. Also, I'm pretty sure that GTA has always done better in the States, and right now this is the 360's hot spot. I think that GTAIV will do better for 360, but there probably won't be that huge difference in copies sold as has been with previous games. It will also be interesting to see the differences between both versions of Devil May Cry Next week.

SpiTFiRe4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

Well, when is Battle Field: Bad Company coming out? Im pretty anxious to play it as right now I play BF2 for the ps2. Another great FPS. I say this because you guys are talking about games that will come out in what months and the months to be playing the games lol. BF:BC is in the mix! Same with Socom:Confrontation somewhere in the mix of Fall.

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