V-Jump: Images from Final Fantasy VII's remake

Is it finally here? A new picture from V-Jump's next issue seems to feature images of Final Fantasy VII and the texts "Welcome again FFVII", and "FFVII is about finding the lost truths of Cloud and the others".

We should wait for a better scan to make decesions, however the graphics seem most suitable for the DS, PSP or mobile cellphones.


The scan has been confirmed to be from a very old issue, this is fake.

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predator4984d ago

I think a lot of people would be p!ssed if this came on DS, PSP or mobile.

people are crying out for a next-gen version of this classic.

zantetsuken4984d ago

Not a chance. Sony published FFVII, so they decide where it goes. Similar to Microsoft publishing Ninja Gaiden 2.

predator4984d ago

what are you saying...

No chance of a next-gen version or no chance of it coming to DS, PSP or Mobile?

DeadIIIRed4984d ago

I was replaying FFVII the other night and sat through the credits (something I usually don't do with games). Anyways, after the credits and the short cut-scene at the end, you can hear children laughing. Didn't think much of it, but the I went to put in Advent Children and then it hit me.
So do any of you think they had Advent Children planned since FFVII was released? Crazy thinking that the game is over a decade old and people are still craving it.

MUNKYPOO4984d ago

oh god please please please let this come to ps3!

vidoardes4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

This scan is so bad, I am calling fake atm. Looks like it has been doctored so that the shot is indistinguishable. Not even my phone take pictures that bad, and it's only a 1.3mp!

I'm gonna say fake, until a better quality scan comes out

Theo11304984d ago

Keep milking the fanbase, they love it!

mullet4984d ago

FFVII was published by Sony so it's their decision. PS3 or PSP? If they're smart they'll go with PS3. It would seriously like end the war.

INehalemEXI4984d ago

I hope they go ps3 for the remake, I wonder if this is like a remastered for psn thing if this scan is not a fake. Whats up with the foot lol.

mullet4984d ago

Not a port from a PS1 game with slightly enhanced visuals. No no. And yeah that foot creeped me out.

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The story is too old to be commented.