Recent PS All-Stars Leaks Confirmed As Fake?

DualShock Nexus: A recent statement made by the Community Manager of SuperBot denied the existence of Jin Kazuya in the game despite the recent leaks that went live on the PS All-Stars site, adding to the confusion. Could he have confirmed that yesterday's leaks are fake?


It's Jin Kazama not Jin Kazuya. My bad.

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jujubee883273d ago

Here comes the spec-you-lay-shun!

DanielBryan3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

They should stick in some Disgaea characters.I wanna beat up Nathan Drake with a Prinny.
Prinnies are more Playstation than Big Daddy so why not stick one in?

r213273d ago

Prinnies are good and all but i'd rather have Laharl

DanielBryan3273d ago

Laharl is the man.Put him in there too.

GaryOak3273d ago

NIS Should make a Disgaea fighting game.It would be awesome.

user54670073273d ago

Thank god...three Tekken characters, no thanks

They just need to replace Raiden with Old Snake and New Dante with the old one...add Crash, Spyro, Sir Daniel Fortesque, Tombi, Croc, Lara, a FF character....maybe the Prince off the Prince of Persia for example and we'll be good to go :)

smashman983273d ago

yea when I think playstation the first characters that pop in my head are tombi and croc

and gex oh yesa and leisure suit larry

they cant forget our leisure suit larry

BitbyDeath3273d ago

@Smashman98, attacking people with vibrators will probably not be the rating Superbot are looking for.

smashman983272d ago

hahaa it was a joke people lighten up

HammadTheBeast3273d ago

I kinda figured, NO ONE asked for even one Tekken character, let alone 3.

In my opinion, figting game characters should stay in their respective games, although I don't mind Heihachi. Jin would've made more sense though.

jonboi243273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Actually I asked for Kazuya or Jin because Tekken had such a strong history with the Playstation. Tekken 3 was one of my fav PSone games.

flavorbabies3273d ago

Exactly. It seems that some people forgot that that Tekken started on the first playstation.

GodHandDee3272d ago

I disagree. Tekken has been a big part of playstation since the beginning. I really wanted to see a rep from them.

On topic: I hope the Ryu Hayabuza leak is true. He will make an excellent addition to the roster

jimbobwahey3273d ago

Of course the leaks are fake. PS All-Stars is the exact type of game that is ideal for making up fake articles about to generate hits for random no-name blogs that nobody would care about otherwise.

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The story is too old to be commented.