PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Beta Preview-PSLS

"On the surface, I’m sure PSASBR will be derided for the way it honors the originator of the cross-over IP brawler Super Smash Bros, but when you dig deeper into the game’s mechanics, it becomes apparent that SuperBot Entertainment is out to make a name for itself in the fighting community."-PSLS"

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dbjj120883280d ago

I just got my beta invite today! Jealous?

Enmson3280d ago

if you have it then why aren't you playing it? lol

Sev3280d ago

I run shit with Fat Princess.

Infiny3280d ago

Got mine by e-mail today. Freaking awesome.

But i've found Radec a little bit too overpower at the beta tough.

r213280d ago

holy crap, nice update to the site :O btw, how does one obtain a code?

GodHandDee3280d ago

They have been mailing them out randomly. However various sites do giveaways for codes almost daily now. Superbot usually gives out at least one code every day in the evening, either via twitter or facebook.

If you can't get in, don't worry they have a public beta coming this fall (which, I'm sure, will be basically within a month or so)

r213280d ago

sweet, good to know. ok, now i either wait or search relentlessly for a code on the internet :I

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