New Dungeon RPG For Vita Promises A European Setting With Plenty Of Elves

Experience, the studio behind Students of the Round, are developing a brand new dungeon RPG for PlayStation Vita. Currently, the game does not have a name, but this will be an adventure with swords and magic in a fantasy world.

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GodHandDee3277d ago

Looking forward to some gameplay

Relientk773277d ago

Me too, I like what I hear from it so far and the artwork shown

MizTv3277d ago

just give me a good rpg for my vita please

DanielBryan3277d ago

I'll just go ahead and add this to the list of Vita games we'll never see in Europe.

gamer78043277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

When i open this site my antivirus finds suspicious exe file "mor.exe" in my temporary files and blocks it.

sounds like a virus:

Mor.exe is a malicious application that can infect your computer and make it almost unusable. It is important to get rid of this virus as soon as possible to avoid loss of data and corruption of files on the computer.

r213277d ago

i hope its not a dungeon crawler, i like to see my charater fight on the field instead of a first person view of the monsters.

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