IGN Preview: Could LittleBigPlanet Vita Be the Best LBP Ever?


Our video preview makes the case and explains why LBP PS Vita could change the game for Sony's handheld.

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ddurand13279d ago

the perfect portable game.

Unexpecta3279d ago

for a perfect portable gaming device.

GodHandDee3279d ago

Looks great. The use of Dualshock to guide the missile is a very very nice touch. Good job superbot

GodHandDee3279d ago

doh I realized I posted in the wrong news article. I apologize.

On topic: I remember media molecule themselves saying this could be better than what they did as well. Really good to hear how it's all coming together nicely

r213279d ago

i hope we can download levels, LBP will practically be a free game store XD

mayberry3279d ago

wow! looks absolutley fantastic! I also want to see more AR stuff!