Alone In The Dark: PLAYSTATION 3 Clarification

This is just a little clarification. I've noticed on some forums on the internet and even in the comments of this site, many people thought that Alone In The Dark was canceled for the PLAYSTAITON 3. This was due to Todd Slepian saying in a new interview that it's coming out this Spring for the PS2, Wii, PC and Xbox 360.

Fear not my fellow readers, as the PLAYSTATION 3 version is not canceled. I've confirmed with Atari that the PLAYSTATION 3 version is not canceled, it is just set to come out later in the year. The versions of the game coming out in Spring are the PS2, Wii, PC, and Xbox 360 versions.

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Skerj4375d ago (Edited 4375d ago )

It better not be too far later, if it is then this game is going to get massively overlooked. Hell if the gameplay is the same thing I might just get the PS2 version or probably 360.

gamesR4fun4375d ago (Edited 4375d ago )

I'll prob give the 360 version a try when it hits the local rental joint should be easy enough to finish if I can line up a couple days off.

poos34375d ago

i would hate to be a ps3 owner tbh

captainjy4375d ago

WTF is this is this in the 360 section? Who gives 2 turds if it's coming for the PSFree????

poos34375d ago

another 360 times exclusive

gamesblow4375d ago

Oh, so basically when the game finally hits the Ps3 it'll lose all it's relevance. Gottcha... why not just go ahead and axe the damn thing. Save yourself the time, trouble and probably embarrassment of releasing an inferior version later in the year to ho hum sales... Then you can blame Sony for your alls short comings.

Skerj4375d ago

That seems to be what has happened mostly every single time in the past. Oooh Timeshift didn't sell on PS3, it's Sony's fault. Oh noes it's Sony's fault Orange Box didn't sell on PS3 too!! It's going to be even harsher this year since the stuff pretty much every PS3 owner has been waiting for will be hitting, delaying a game to around their launch times is not a good idea.

lesferdinand4375d ago

In yet another HD upgrade of an old (and let's be honest) poor game franchise?!

I understand that the development cost of HD games are very high and that publishers don't want to take too many risks. But rehashing all those franchises of the past isn't a good thing IMO. Please focus on some new IP and most importantly: new gameplay. Graphics are an easy selling point but like Wii shows, definitely not everything.

barom4375d ago

a lot of previewers has given this one a lot of praise. let's see if it holds.

personally i'mma hold off for Silent Hill 5 but i'm def considering Alone in the Dark if I save up enough money

lesferdinand4375d ago

...but I'm very sceptical about gaming journalism in general TBH. We all know previews are hyped through the roof in order to sell more magazines/web advertisements.

I've learned not to trust their judgement (definitely not the judgement of a single source) as the game media (hardcore gamers that they are) tend to significantly overemphasize graphics and online aspects in their reviews. Two aspects that are of secondary importance to me.

dhammalama4375d ago

3 was ok too. 1,2,3 were only on pc I think, but I played another one (4?) on the xbox (or was it ps2), anyway, that one didn't do it for me. I have faith that this one could be good though.

Mr Marbles4375d ago

this game looks to be incredible, i think quite a few people are interested. I think this trend of delayed releases on PS3 will continue, not good if you only own a PS3.

DongHungLong4375d ago

Delayed releases should be more or less over once a developer has put out a game on the PS3. Just that initial learning curve is going to cause problems.

And if anything it only hurts the developer more because sales won't be as good as they could have been.

Mr Marbles4375d ago

but pretty much every developer is going to have to go through this learning period, and that means a lot of upcoming games will likely be delayed on that console, its just true, no big deal if you own both consoles.

ravinash4375d ago

Well I don't mind if a game comes out on the PS3 later than the others as long as they don't charge a higher price....thats what really gets my goat.

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The story is too old to be commented.