Sick Of The Same Old MMO?

This week I take a look at Mortal Online, the MMO that breaks every convention.

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Wizziokid3033d ago

Looks interesting kind of what the Skyrim MMO should look like in terms of gameplay however, Guild Wars 2 is my MMO for the moment

ATi_Elite3033d ago

Mortal Online is full of glitches and Bugs to the point of Game Breaking.

Just wait for Guild Wars 2 or War of the Roses or go play TERA Online or Vindictus.

Peekayboo3033d ago

The game's a mess darkfall is the better option

Treian3033d ago

looks cool, but nothing compared to guild wars 2

hellvaguy3032d ago

It will get better. All those type of game are full of bugs at first. Just like every warcraft expansion at first.