PS3 Out Of The Woods, On Pace To Beat Xbox 360

According to reports, Sony believes that the PS3 is on pace to beat the Microsoft Xbox 360 in the next-gen console war.

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HarryEtTubMan4374d ago

It's going to happen. Sony and Microsft both know it.

Mr Marbles4374d ago

Is Howard aware that even though the PS3 sole 797000 units, the 360 sold 1.26 million? are any of you morons aware of that? What a bunch of con artists Sony is, he comes out a month later when he thinks no one remembers and claims PS3 outsold the 360 on Christmas, WOW! and you complete idiots just eat it up as fact, I don't know which is more shocking, this guys lack of integrity, or you guys lack of brain cells.

CrazzyMan4374d ago

That PS3 selling also outside USA, not in USA only. =))

Mr Marbles4374d ago

Then why did he cite the US numbers only? I know why, because there is no reliable proof or numbers to prove that the PS3 is outselling the 360 in Europe. Also becuase the US market is more important to them, that is why they put Europe on the back burner and released the console in the US first.

The_Engineer4374d ago

and pull your panties out yo crack xbot, this is US sales only, Sony sold over 1.2 million consoles in Europe over xmas, so just between US and EU Sony sold 2 million consoles.

Kleptic4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

Mr Marbles...typical response from a rabid 360 fanboy...

the PS3 outsold the 360 world-wide since December 2007...that is what he is talking about...he was also merely stating that in the console's weakest territory they saw a 331,000 jump in sales...while there is no world-wide NPD, there are still plenty of retail sector tracking companies that they can look at to correlate numbers...whether or not it is 'accurate enough' for you to admit the 360 was outsold worldwide in the biggest selling month of a different story...but it was enough for Sony to address it, and MS to simply keep there mouth shut...

why do you guys always cling to North American sales as if they paint the entire picture?...this guy is fully aware that they were outsold in the United States, but still managed to outsell the 360 everywhere else...and overall...thats all he is saying...

the biggest problem with the article though is the rate at which its outselling the was by like 100k in December...that is not a rate that will overtake the 360's ~8-9 million console lead anytime soon...that isn't exactly "on track to beat the 360"...

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Chitown712914374d ago

comes to mind. Of course its on pace, just wait til the price drops, and the AAA games come out. You will see PS3 outsell everything ( except the DS of course, that thing is just unstoppable). Dude I will even be bold enough to say that whenn DMC 4 come out this and next week, the PS3 will outsell Wii for 2 weeks straight ( at the least ), maybe even 3 hell who knows, it could be a month. This is just in Japan folks, the other parts of the world I'm not so sure.

360CameFromHell4374d ago

How come you only have 2 bubles????
bubble for you!!!

captainjy4374d ago

Yeah, let's keep price drops in mind, like when the 360 drops when GTA 4 hits. Remember GTA 4, that title that WAS exclusive to the POS, I mean PS. And as for the woods, too bad for Phony that the woods are very deep...

Legion4374d ago

Did I hear the words "just wait" come out of a PS3 fanboys mouth? Isn't that just the catch phrase? You guys break me up!!!!

It's going to happen, it's going to happen, JUST WAIT!!!! Ha... bunch of Chicken Littles with acorns dropping on their heads, and what is funny is Sony is the one tossing those acorns from the tree! hahahaha

Kleptic4374d ago

captain...and what makes you think Sony won't cut the price on the PS3 also?...

PS3 at $299-$350 with MGS4 and GTAIV available this spring?...not to mention a far superior late 2008 think with an ad like that Sony has anything to worry about?...I don't think so either...

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TruthBTold4374d ago

but I have to admit that Sony is just having such a strong presence this new year and we barely started but we have seen a lot of good and exciting things going on with the PS3

OC Shock Value4374d ago

this was expected from the verry beginning of the war.. over taking nintendo might become a large problem.. but i personally think.. hell i KNOW sony will beat microsoft.. but we really shouldnt have to get back into this arguement.. tho since my 360 broke for the 3rd time.. i hope they drop the price and fix the hardware B4 Gears 2 drops.. i must continue the fight.. i guess ill get a warrenty this time.. should save me in the long run

TruthBTold4374d ago

just a view of how Sony has been getting a good start this year and has a lot of positive things going for them. Xbox 360 just hasn't showed much to compete with attention. Trust me I am one of the ones who hopes consoles keep getting cheaper. Specialy by the time Gears 2 comes out. I have a lot of payments to make but I have a good feeling for my self this year so hopefully I will have extra money and buy my own Xbox 360. I want the elite, black just looks so much more slick for me.

pharmd4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

like this is news....haha jk, but we all knew it, it was only a matter of time. all you have to do is take your time and put our a good quality system and you'll win

Silver3604374d ago

The author cut and pasted Sony statements. Stringer has said the PS3 is out of the woods, but did not say anything about beating the 360. The head of Sony Europe said that they will overtake the 360 install base in the E.U. come mid summer, which from sales data is more than likely. Man the way some people distort facts is so lame. I hate people that love to spout half truths.

Bathyj4374d ago

I still think when Sony gets close either this year or next year, M$ will drop X360, claim victory, and then release Xbox3 or whatever ridiculous name they come up with for it, leaving close to 30 million 360 owners with the "Choice" of quitting gaming or buying the next Xbox. Just like the choice they had last gen.