Is the Next Arkham City Sequel Already Doomed?

We know barely anything about the third installment in the Arkham series of Batman games. But so far, the press has been worrying. We know that a major creative force and critical cast member won't be returning -- is there even a chance for a successful game to come as a result?

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WeskerChildReborned2264d ago

Hopefully they can still make a great Batman game cause arguably, they make the best Batman games.

jlugo2264d ago

Agreed. Those games made me love gaming all over again. I hope all this worrying will be for nothing in the end.

knowyourstuff2263d ago

Yeah hopefully they still have enough people with enough vision to make something really great. When you have personnel changes you can see certain changes, just look at all 5 God of War games, all with different directors, and you can see how the vision changes through each title, sometimes the changes are more subtle than others, but the next Batman game will have a mountain to climb, similarly with the 3 movies by Chris Nolan, the third definitely has Mount Everest to top.

I'd suggest holding off on judgement till you get the next game in your hands, I wouldn't exactly count on the press being completely objective, as per usual their is fishing for hits.

CommonSense2263d ago

I thought AA was okay. Loved AC! But part of me thinks they should just stop there. since they aren't, i'll hope for the best.

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Moby-Royale2264d ago

Good you didn't waste your one bubble.

What's that guys?


This is awkward.

Kurt Russell2263d ago

I will leave my bubble on the floor here.

gintoki7772263d ago

lets keep making speculative "video game title" is doomed or possibly canceled articles

Leviathan2263d ago

Right...because every Batman game HAS to have the joker and this one staff member or fail...right. lolz..plz

CommonSense2263d ago

that's how you get to the top on n4g.

SilentNegotiator2263d ago

The lost writer aside...The loss of Joker doesn't bother me one bit. Story-wise, he is unquestionably the best Batman villain. He defines Batman. Their relationship is the pinnacle of the Batman universe.

But think gameplay.....what makes Joker important to gameplay? Not much. When it came to gameplay, the thugs and other villains in the Arkham series were a hundred times more important to setting up the gameplay than Joker.

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RandomDude6552263d ago

Your bubbles are doomed!
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This reply is doomed!

/games journalism

Lord_Sloth2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Joker isn't the only Batman villain, ya know.. He's just the most popular. A high quality Batman is very possible without him.

NBT912264d ago

Agreed, there are tons of great villains, but its not just Joker they lost, also one of the creative writers who apparently had a lot of input into the direction of the first two games.

Captain Qwark 92264d ago

two face
mr freeze
hugo strange
clayface ( i particularly like the version in "the batman" )

are among my favs and the list of great villains for batman is still much longer. as much as i love the joker, i agree that people seem to focus too much on him. he has some truly great stories without joker or with joker as merely a supporting character. the media needs to get off joker for a bit and let his other villains shine

Lord_Sloth2264d ago

You labeled my 2 faves right there. Clayface and Mr. Freeze. XXXD

HammadTheBeast2263d ago

Penguin, Ivy, Harley Quinn maybe.

BALLARD322263d ago

Hugo Strange died in Arkham City. There are still tons of great villains though. Riddler could easily be the biggest threat in the sequel.

delicia2263d ago

Next game is a prequel tho. Silver Age too, I think.

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extermin8or2264d ago

See I saw the title and thought wtf, then I read the article and actually now I see their point; I'm really confused why they are going silver age with this I mean arkham city was great and left so many plot strands open for a sequel. Even several of the side missions were left open :( The only real reason I can see this being because of is if Warner Bros are pushing for the inclusion of Justice League elements to try and build up more hype for their film (which currently I believe will be shit purely because half the characters are meh in my opinion and most people a) don't know who they are and b) don't care- justt rying to cash in on the avengers success.)If this is the case it would also explain why the writer isn't returning when he'd set the plot up to continue. I can only hope if this does go the way I suspect it could go that it therefore flops and they return to Arkham as a sequel and convince the old writing team back on board and Warner Bros take a step back and leave them to it. I know it's an assumption I'm making but is it really such a large step to make, to assume the management has taken too much of an interest and gotten the money people involved witht he creative people? If so I can't think of an occasion it's ended well especially in gaming. Also is it possible that the next batman game is what is Game informer's secret cover? That they can't reveal til after it's been revealed at gamescom? Just a thought.

pompombrum2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Personally I'd like them to take a break from the Arkham series and instead make something different. The Arkham games are great and easily the best Batman games ever made and arguably the best action game this generation but I can't help but feel such talented developers are almost being wasted by being limited to just the Batman universe. Imagine what they could do if they had complete freedom to do what they wanted.

RedDeadLB2263d ago

They'd still want to do a Batman game because Batman is awesome.

pompombrum2263d ago

Want to see a new Batman game myself next gen but would love for these guys to start a new IP or work with something a little less restrictive.

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