Spinning off

Every once in a while a franchise will throw out a curveball with a spin-off title that is such a departure from what is expected, it is hard to believe that the two titles share the same name.

In honor of the upcoming Persona 4: Arena, a fighting game requiring quick reflexes that is at the opposite end of the spectrum from the turn-based combat married with social simulation that define the latest iterations of the JRPG series, some Press2Reset staff decided to share some of their favorite spin-offs.

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PeachyAenne4356d ago

Spinoffs are pretty cool! I love Ehrgeiz! Best spin off ever! Beach games are the win.

acidbrn4355d ago

Its all about the Xtreme Beach Volleyball!


Is Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City worth playing in 2023?

GF365: "Is Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City worth playing in 2023? This game originally received less than impressive reviews from critics and gamers alike. You may be wondering what this game is all about."

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gold_drake415d ago

game was ridiculously dark when i played it bk then. not sure about now.
ike you couldnt see a damn thing ha


Every Other Time Resident Evil 3 Was Remade

Now that Resident Evil 3 remake is less than a month away, here's a look back at the other times Capcom reimagined the 1999 classic game.

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Mr Marvel1590d ago

Behind AC: New Horizons, this is my 2nd most wanted game this year.
Until Capcom remade RE2, RE3: Nemesis on PS1 was my favourite RE game.

Tross1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I do think it's easily one of the most underrated RE games. I'm looking forward to fending off REmake Nemesis, especially since I heard his appearances throughout the game will now be somewhat randomized.

AK911589d ago

Umbrella chronicles is still my favourite it was really cool going back and playing the classics with updated graphics.

Nerdmaster1589d ago

I would say I thought Darkside Chronicles was better mainly because 2, Code Veronica and 4 (kind of represented in the game by Leon and Krauser) are my favorite games. But the super shaky camera in Darkside really bothered me...


Late in the Game Review: 'Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City'

The Gamer's Ghost returns in this Late in the Game Review series to revisit Raccoon City. Did Slant Six Games' premier Resident Evil title hold up to the series' standards? Or was it rotten, like the very zombies spawned from Umbrella's dastardly research?

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CrimsonWing691620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

I actually thought this was a fun game. Was it great? No. But there were some very cool moments in the game.

Stand outs were taking on the Nemesis with a group and the Tyrant on the elevator.

AK911620d ago

One if the worst games I ever had the dishonor of playing I'm glad Capcom has rebounded to making quality games now even outside the RE series.