1up Feature: A Hell of A Guy - Through the years with Devil May Cry's hero, Dante

James Mielke of writes, A large part of why people are going to flock to Devil May Cry 4 is for the rich visuals the game offers. Yeah, the action rocks big time, but we expected that. As much as we all thought Devil May Cry 3 looked great, try playing that after you've spent a couple of hours with DMC4. It's almost like going from PS3 to PS1. In the spirit of celebrating the devil's best work, we've assembled a look back at DMC's Dante, and how he's evolved through the years (including his guest stint in the PS2 version of Viewtiful Joe). As ever, this cover's gallery showing is accompanied by two principal tracks from the DMC4 soundtrack, as well as a video collage of the man in action.

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permutated4380d ago

Am I the only one who think Capcom cashed in too early on their Viewtiful Joe franchise?

It had unlimited potential, but they rushed sequels so much that people quickly lost interest.

Anyhow, back on topic, I'm counting the days until DMC4 is out, I'll be the first one in line!

Cyrus3654380d ago

Your not the only one who feels that way. I feel the same way, that the proble with publishers, they see some success of a title, and it's auto sequels (rush job) to cash in on it's sequel