OUYA Pledges Exceed $8 Million, Over 60K Total Backers, Less Than 8 Hours Left | Game Insider

Game Insider: "Say what you will about OUYA, the console is making history. With just 8 hours to go, OUYA has exceeded its original goal of $950,000 with pledges exceeding 8 million dollars..."

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extermin8or2263d ago

And it still needs people to buy it, games that I can play on my phone? That my Ps vita can do better, that my ps3 can play but can also play the newest AAA titles? That I can probably play via my web browser; so many options so why, why would I spend money on this? To do something several other devices I already own can already do. I wouldn't; most casual gamers use their mobiles etc when they have nothing better to do i.e: they are on the train or bus with time to kill. Really can't seem them buying this when their mobiles can play android games to play at home...

Kevinote2263d ago

What the OUYA represents is more than just another console to play games; it's a platform that allows developers to create games for the television without prohibitive marketing and licensing costs, allowing them to take more risks. Now, I don't see myself playing existing cell phone games on my TV, but I am interested to see the creativity this console will encourage across the industry.

extermin8or2263d ago

I don't doubt it will get some creative games but I also bet that's not what the general mass public know it for. Most publishers and devs will republish their existing software as it's cheap and easy money from anyone who buys the device; infact it could end up meaning that many of the games on my phone currently free could become paid to try and cash in on this device if it sells well. However once angry birds, etc makes themselves known, that and the lack of gimmicky controls make it unlikely it will be a massive hit however I could be wrong

ddurand12263d ago

not being excited for this console as a gamer should be a sin.

i dont ever want to buy one, but the possibilities and potential are certainly there.

cleft52263d ago

I am glad to see that some people brains still works.

Knight_Crawler2263d ago

Dude it cost $99...I know sure why your expecting VITA or PS3 quality game.

Not everyone can afford to dish out 250 for a Vita or 300 for a smart phone or tablet.

I am a hardcore gamer but enjoy playing IPad games once in awhile so will pick this up.

extermin8or2263d ago

that's my point I enjoy playing Ipad/phone games every once and a while which is why I use my smartphone to do that, but when I'm at home with a tv I'm going to choose the ps3 (or xbox if I owned one)or pc (when I eventually bother to replace my old dying one) I'm not expecting the same quality games out of it which is why I wouldn't waste $99 as I'll already have a device I need that can do the same thing; same reason I refuse to buy a tablet it seems pointless when it is basically an oversized more powerful phone atm that said windows 8 and microsoft surface might change that; still will buy a laptop over a tablet any day but it might change my perception of them and their use.

hellvaguy2262d ago

"I enjoy playing Ipad/phone games every once and a while which is why I use my smartphone to do that"

Very ignorant response involving all "I"s. Guess Knight, this may come as a huge shock, but you dont represent the entire world. I have neither an ipad, ps3, or vita. So the basis of your entire argument is overly presumptious that everyone is a clone of you and what you own.

Kevinote2263d ago

The OUYA will require all games to allow some free version of their software to be free to the public, much like the games you currently see on the Android market, so I don't see your currently free-to-play games becoming pay only titles; the OUYA is maintaining spirit of the Android market.

As far what the public currently knows about the system...they'll know more soon enough. Right now, OUYA has the right people backing it: developers with a passion to create games. If quality prevails, the public will certainly become well aware.

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mushroomwig2263d ago

I wish the console luck for the future, I just wish people didn't have to hype EVERYTHING up to a crazy level. This brings back memories of Onlive when it was announced, how it was going to be the next big thing and now I barely see any kind of news related to that.

Qrphe2263d ago

I wish they would've added a trackball on the controller somewhere or just completely replace the right analog stick for one.

It'd at least make some of those touch games easier and improve shooting games.

Axecution2263d ago

a trackball?

Wait what why? lol

Qrphe2263d ago

Trackballs are a lot more accurate than thumbsticks, plus that's as close as you can get to mouse support without resorting to a trackpad (or an actual mouse) from which a lot of these mobile games would benefit.

Axecution2263d ago

Hmmm... Well to each his own :p

I suppose it would be more accurate if the games used a cursor, like a computer. But i think a right analog is overall a lot more useful, especially for shooters like Modern Combat or even simple games like Angry Birds tbh

Qrphe2263d ago

Yeah many people find trackballs butt-ugly on controllers (so do I), but they're undeniably more accurate than analog sticks (specially in shooters) since they're position-tracking devices (like mice) and not rate control devices.

Check it out, I promise it won't bore you that much lol

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