CheatCC Review: Pirates of the Burning Sea (4.8 out of 5)

CheatCC writes: "Until I played Pirates of the Burning Sea, I was not sure what keelhaul meant, but it always sounded like something I didn't want to experience first hand. "Scurvy dog," "swashbuckler," "mizzenmast," are all part of the pirate lexicon. Pirates of the Burning Sea will introduce you to these terms and let you experience them virtually first-hand as you take part in a world that existed hundreds of years ago. This massive online multiplayer game is not meant for cheap thrill seekers. This is a thinking man's game, one that offers plenty of adventure with the requisite economics. It's deep, fun, loaded with action, and has more depth than you can possibly imagine. It's all combined to give you months, if not years, of playability."

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