189 Million GPUs: Nvidia Unplugged and Uncut, Part Two

PC World writes:

"That's right, 189 million discrete GeForce GPUs, a number Nvidia only recently elected to disclose, perhaps because it makes for stimulating counterpoint in media conversations dominated by console-speak. Put that in perspective: Sony's PlayStation 2 topped 120 million worldwide in 2007 (according to Sony). Nvidia's number tabulates consumers with GeForce 5, 6, 7, and 8 series GPUs for desktops and notebooks. That's counting only a small number of motherboard GPUs, and none of Nvidia's contract deals making specialty chips for anyone else (including console manufacturers.)"

"The information was recently disclosed in an interview with Nvidia's Roy Taylor, Vice President of Content Relations, and James Wang who works in the company's technical marketing group. This is the second part of that interview."

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Rice4374d ago

RSX FTW... lol...Once i get a desktop computer, im gonna upgrade my video card to a NVIDEA.... I wonder what type of video card to get?

TheIneffableBob4374d ago

The 9600 GT is coming soon.
It should be around $170 and will be slightly slower than the 8800 GT.

Stapler4374d ago

Agreed, one of the best cards ever put on the market when talking ''bang for the buck''

Charlie26884374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

And if you have some extra bucks the 8800GTS 512 that is the direct rival of the 8800 Ultra for less than half the price O.o

GIJeff4374d ago

RIGHT NOW the most bang for the buck is a 3870x2 from ati. Kills the Ultra in performance and is a full 150-200$ cheaper.

theox2g74374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

the ati hd 3850x2 doesn't even hold a candle to the gtx let alone the ultra, the only game that favors the ati in framerates is half life 2 episode 2
The 8800gtx still reigns supreme in most of the benchmarks especially with AA turned up, the other benchmarks run bottle-necked setups that biased the results and it is not a full $150 - $200 cheaper than the ultra
It has a suggested retail price of $449 that doesnt mean that's what u pay for it, those are insider prices, go check the cheapest ones are at tigerdirect
GTX is $399 after rebates and $449 without them

The GTX is cheaper and kicks ass, the ultra is on another level, websites just wanted to create hype that ati is getting back at nvidia after lagging behind for so long, the 3870x2 is a very impressive card with an amazing value and advanced technology with 640 stream processors but still doesnt hold a candle to year old cards from nvidia with outdated 128 stream processors, the 9 series are just around the corner too

if u want best value for money, get the 8800 GTS 512mb, it matches the ultra in performance if the resolution and AA aren't extreme, ati are lagging behind in the high end spectrum, they have better value for money low end cards but nobody wants those in this day and age with demanding games like crysis and with upcoming titles like far cry 2, it's all about the high end and nvidia is delivering so it's worth shelling out the extra bucks for, it took ati a full year to release card to match the second most powerful year old nvidia card and yet it is still not up to par even with a dual gpu architecture and advanced technology, ati really need to step their game up and with amd also behind intel, both companies need to wake up and reclaim their thrones or at least give nvidia a run for their money, i used to be a hardcore amd/ati and i haven't lost hope, here's to hoping

bootsielon4374d ago

when (and if) is, or should be, the 9900 coming out?