GRID 2 360/PS3 'Not far behind the PC versions. And as for which console version is the best...

GRID 2 is looking unbelievable as our hands-on preview and first trailer will attest. But Codemasters' racing games, F1 2011 in particular, have often looked noticeably superior on Xbox 360 compared to PS3. GRID 2 is heading to both current-gen consoles for a 2013 release, So when Executive Producer Clive Moody, was asked: "Do you think the PS3 and 360 versions of GRID 2 will be identical?" This is what he told:

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Jio4214d ago

Well, even though we all know it, they're not going to say "Yeah, even though we've tried our hardest, the console versions are still nowhere near PC standards." and piss off people who don't have a gaming PC or can't afford one.

iamlegend99994214d ago

Pisses me off i can't afford one to. xD

decrypt4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

Lol the devs need to stop trying so hard. Everytime they make such comments, totally the opposite happens in the end. It happened with:

BF3, Crysis 2, Skyrim, Maxpayne 3 etc. Devs need to learn console gamers dont care about graphics.

PC version will probably be using DX11 just like Dirt 2 & 3 hence i suspect a good difference will be there.


Console gaming is more expensive than PC. Entry level/ mid range PC. This is due to games prices higher on console and prices not going down soon enough. A single Steam discount is enough to more then level the small price difference between PC and console (Entry level gaming PC only costs 500usd, which is about the price of a console at launch).

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For heavy gamers yeah.. for not so much who only buys 3-4 new titles a year (including non day 1 buys [below 60 bucks]), makes the console gaming as cheap.

I don't really disagree with you though. It just depends on what kind of "gamer" (or hoarder lol) you are.

CoryHG4214d ago

Actually PC gaming isn't more expensive b/c games can be had so cheap. Not to mention the mods involved, and Steam is a godsend. I paid $600 for my system and i run skyrim with hd mods on full at 60 fps. I run battlefield 3 on ultra with around 40 fps.

Think about it, if you don't already own an hdtv, and you want to get the most out of your console experience, you're going to spend around that same amount. So no, pc gaming isn't expensive. It only is if you wanna show off to other nerds.

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Skyrim, Max Payne 3, COD, etc, every new game is priced at $60 for PC in stores and via download(Steam).
Any huge graphical advantages are dependent on how much $$$ you spent on your hardware.

Ducky4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

^ The games fall in price very quickly.

SpecOps was 50% off in like a week?
Recently, Borderlands2 and Hitman:Absolution could be pre-ordered for around $36.
Skyrim's DLC could be obtained for $15 instead of $20.

I pre-ordered BF3 for $45 and got DeadSpace2 for 'free' with it... there's plenty of examples, and for those who wait, there are the sales (such as on steam) which are in a league of their own.

The flip-side is that you can't trade in the games on PC. The price gap shortens when you factor in that you can trade-in your used console games and recuperate some of the cost.
In the end, the cost difference becomes trivial and mostly comes down to what platform you enjoy playing on more.

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Over a period of a console gen you probably end up buying thousands of usd worth of games. When a new gen comes you dont even know if the games you bought will work on the next box. With your entire library compromised, you have alot to lose.

Specially console makers are known to pull the plug on networks for console games. Which again limits the life of console games.

With PC you get to build a library. No such thing on console. If you consider that loss itself its worth thousands of usds. Console gaming just is expensive, like it or not.

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I would be worried if it was anywhere near PC standards as it would be a terrible PC port! Consoles hardware just cannot match modern day PC's even with the extra draw PC's have for OS etc..

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I wonder how low the graphic settings are set for PC if it is "not far behind" the PC version or if it's just pretty much the same across the board.

ProjectVulcan4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

I have the PC versions of the F1 games, Dirt and original GRID. They run well on fairly reasonable specs. Like no problem maxing 1080p and DX11 on the new games with a lower midrange card like a Radeon 6850.

TBH they all whup the arse of the console versions especially the newer games obviously like F1 2011 and Dirt 3.

I wouldn't expect any less from GRID 2. I expect a bigger gap.

Crazyglues4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

Well it doesn't matter how it looks because they said there will be no cockpit view and that's when I stop listening...

Sadly it's a Pass for me, even though I loved GRID 1
-having no cockpit view is a deal breaker..

If I want to play a no cockpit view game I'll just get need for speed I don't need to buy this.. it's now nothing special. just another racing game.

Part of it's beauty was having all those views- I absolutely loved cockpit view.. Seeing the character switch gears and hearing the sound of the shift was awesome in cockpit view...

No Cockpit view = No Buy


Hufandpuf4214d ago

I don't know about Deal Breaker, sure I'm really dissapointed about not haveing cockpit view (I mean, it was really cool seeing the windshield take damage and dirt getting on it) But if they can make up for that by putting in extra modes, or customization options that would compel me want to look at my car as I'm driving, I'm happy.

If they can make up for the big loss of no cockpit view, I'm happy.

TooTall194214d ago

Grid is one of my favorite racing games.

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And what else are they going to tell you?
The PC version is far superior with better frame rates and DX11 effects etc ect etc?