Top 10 Ridiculous Displays of Cleavage in Video Games

GameDynamo - "It's an unfortunate truth that the majority of video games are still created by men for men, catering to the 18-34-year-old heterosexual male's basest desires. In many cases, that means female characters will have large breasts on prominent display. This display of cleavage will take precedence over form and function, but even heterosexual men have their limits, and if the cleavage is displayed gratuitously and nonsensically, the titillation will often backfire and instead look ridiculous. Here are ten cases where video game characters' breasts were featured in the stupidest possible context."

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Baka-akaB3237d ago

I can already guess the article is a big fail from the pic alone .

Morrigan is a succubus , and supposed to be a supernatural temptress of sort , i doubt it's that silly or ridiculous when placed in such context

Gamehard3237d ago

Some of the picks make sense, but others don't really need to be on this list. Catwoman isn't nearly as obnoxiously exaggerated as the majority of the list, and the unlockable Sheva costume is totally optional. And yeah Morrigan is supposed to be seductive because shes a succubus of course. She can't help it if she's good at her job lol.

tehpees33237d ago

Man the last one is lol worthy. Rufus 0_0

Blaze9293237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

I see nothing ridiculous in these video fact, it's an insult. More boobz!

INehalemEXI3237d ago

Can never have to many pillows.

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Sephris3237d ago

My wife is slender with a 36 DD natural cup size. Perhaps I am just spoiled on them, but big boobs in games doesn't capture my attention like it use to. It just seems normal for me. Of course if I got her to start wearing some of the costumes they showed in your pic it might be a whole different story. lol!

Sephris3237d ago

no..the lucky part is she is 13 years younger than me! woo hoo!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3237d ago

Now that's just weird. You are a predator.

ChrisW3237d ago

Whatever! You wanna cookie to go with all of that milk?

Cryptcuzz3237d ago

Big Show off! Haha jk. I am kinda jealous but my girlfriend has 38D's and that is more then good enough for me.

Although for me, she is 5 years older then I am (I do love me some cougars LOL)

claud33237d ago

So sad, why on earth is this a artical in the first place

Godmars2903237d ago

Says someone who's avatar features boobs :p

HammadTheBeast3237d ago

He's said it before, cosplay is art, no matter how many boobs are stuffed in there.

FinalomegaS3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Slap some gaming toons an article cover,topic is boob related... Sex hungry young guys will eat it up...

Not the first kind on n4g and won't be the last.

Love cleavage tagged under culture... Maybe have a category for sex "education "

cleft53237d ago

Clearly this article is right. You know what we should do to stop this nonsense, is to get rid of all female characters in games. That way we can protect women from this vile exploitation of the female body. You know, how booth babes are heavily censored and how women gamers where banned from that one Quake event. Clearly, we need to protect women from these harsh kinds of stupid exploitation.

In all seriousness, I am sick and tired of articles like this one. How about an article that focuses on all the empowered women in video game. And just from the picture I can tell you that none of those women are portrayed as weak victims that need to be protected by males. Yes the characters do have nice sized boobs, so what. Gorgeous women do exist in the real world with nice sized boobs too and if anything I think it's great that these women aren't portrayed as mindless sexbots, but whether daring heroines that can hold their own against anyone, male or female.

Gamehard3237d ago

Agreed. And on a side note, it's kinda funny that the writer totally left out Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw. I guess it's okay for a barely legal cheerleader/zombie hunter to show cleavage, but not a succubus. lol?

Godmars2903237d ago

The only thing this article did was make me realize that neither Seymour nor Yu Yevon were the main bad guys in FFX: the whole undead leadership of the religion were. Continuing and supporting the cycle of Sin and the Calm.

They were never fully addressed nor dealt with. Likely had the ability to recreate Sin as soon as the energy that made him up was dispersed.

There was X-2, cleaning up the mess, making general people aware of the false religion and preventing Sin from being resurrected. Not the Charlie Angels girl power crap, even though that could have still been worked in.

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