Toshiba's Low Profit Could Affect HD DVD Spendings writes:

"Tumbling flash memory chip prices leaded Toshiba to a 25 percent drop in its quarterly operating profit, making it even harder to fight ongoing loses in its HD DVD bussines."

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niall774378d ago

HD DVD might be in trouble.


ELite_Ghost4377d ago

nice name buddy, it's cool that you have a name that's about an extinct product


I just hope this isn't the case with Toshiba, since they are already loosing money, but can handle it for too long (specially if there is MicroSoft backup), enough to screw us all.

eagle214378d ago

they already lose money on those cheap players.... whomp, whomp, whomp...shareholders from toshiba will end this war

akaFullMetal4378d ago

yea they will if they cant turn it around, which they cant, so bye bye

Bathyj4378d ago

Toshiba has lost alot, but they still have so much to lose as well. Instead of getting out now they are going to let this HDDVD thing affect their whole business and pretty soon all they will have left is their good name.

But if they keep screwing us they'll lose that too. Look how many people hate Sony, seemingly for no good reason. People hold grudges. Wrecking the HD movie industry could cost them customers for a decade.

LoydX-mas4378d ago

Both formats screwed the consumer with the ridiculous prices they charge for the discs and the players(except Toshiba lately)

joevfx4378d ago

i beileve the only reason toshiba is holding on to hd dvd is becuae they have contract with universal and paramount to honor. THey paid paramount to coem over and im sure they paid universal to stay. if toshiba drops out now, after prolly convincing those companies that hd dvd is the way to go , they would just look really bad. once th e contracts coem to an end u will see hd dvd start to fizzle out. its gonan start with universal in february, watch.

ITR4378d ago

If anyone goes out in Feb it'll more then likely be Paramount then Uni. But I figure most will stick it out until May.

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The story is too old to be commented.