Diehard GameFAN: Interview with R.A. Salvatore on Charon’s Claw, Gaming and Opportunites Missed

DHGF: You and I had talked last year about Kingdoms of Amalur, and I really enjoyed Reckoning, and I realize you weren’t too involved at 38 Studios towards the end, but what are your thoughts on the game and was there anything from the lore of that time period Reckoning was set in that didn’t make it that you would have liked to have seen?

RAS: The thing that kills me about Amalur is that is a very tiny, tiny slice of one tiny part of the world. And the meta-story for that world, the creation myths and all that I think is really cool, and I can’t ever touch it again since it’s buried in bankruptcy court. So that’s heart-breaking to me.

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