Gamedaily: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Review

Gamedaily writes, back in November, Sega released Mario & Sonic At the Olympic Games for the Nintendo Wii, the first-ever mash-up featuring the popular gaming mascots and their respective universes. Unfortunately, iffy controls and a lack of online functionality left it competing for a bronze medal, rather than going for the gold. Nearly three months later, the DS version of Mario & Sonic is upon us. The good news is that it fares much better, good enough to snag the bronze –and, on some occasions, maybe even a silver.

The major difference between the two versions lies in the controls. Rather than trying to perform awkward, poorly read motions, you simply use the DS touch screen to complete each event. Some events are more rigorous than others. Take the dash events, for example. Instead of feverishly tapping buttons, you need to run the stylus back and forth across the touch-screen. You occasionally clap as well, in an attempt to gain motivation from the crowd.

Presentation-wise, the game successfully copies its Wii counterpart. The visuals are bright and colorful, keeping the personality of the characters intact. The touch-screen is used efficiently, with easy-to-see instructions for each activity. It would've been nice to have more replay options, however. Instead of letting you choose from various camera angles, you watch your run from a pre-set one.

The sound's not half bad either, with an above-average amount of voice samples and sound effects. Sega made a wise choice with the announcer, as he doesn't wear out his welcome.

Although a few flaws prevent it from snagging the gold, Mario & Sonic At the Olympic Games is better than its Wii counterpart. With enhanced controls, abundant multiplayer options and an above-average presentation, it has power to spare, without requiring those pesky performance enhancers.

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Hmm either way this title being on the DS will sells 100 000's of copies.